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The importance of psychotherapy in the process of treating addictive disorders

Significance of psychotherapeutic work

November 8, 2022

The importance of psychotherapy is crucial to achieving the goal, which is the complete rehabilitation of the patient.

Modern times are characterized by technological expansion. Modern devices did facilitate the daily functioning of a man, but they also brought about a high degree of dehumanization. It seems that human health has never been more endangered, not only from physical but also psychological and social aspects.

In ancient times, the world was overwhelmed with contagious diseases. However, the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century are accompanied by stress, inadequate nutrition, reduced physical activity, and constant problems at work and in the family. These factors lead to “modern,” chronic, non-infectious diseases that have taken a massive character.

Among them, the dominant place belongs to addictive disorders. The availability of various psychoactive substances, as well as the discovery of new ones, have contributed to addiction drawing itself into every country, all social strata, and even all generations.

As addictive disorders penetrate deeper and deeper, Dr Vorobjev clinic reveals the importance of psychotherapy in their treatment.

Psychotherapy, because the path to healing is long

Treatment of drug addiction and any other form of addiction is not easy. First of all, the will and willingness of the patient to face his problem and accept the help provided is indispensable. Intensive work, patience, and consistency are expected both from the team of doctors and psychiatrists.

Unfortunately, most patients can not clearly grasp the great effects of addictive disorders. Therefore, they rarely show determination for treatment. One of the reasons for this is unwillingness to leave their lifestyle. Messiness, dropping out of school or work, looking for a culprit in a family, uncertain survival are just some of the habits that have become normal to the patient.

Even if the desire for treatment is felt, it quickly disappears. Psychological addiction buries it, i.e., the instinctive need for drugs is greater than the desire for life. So all the attention is focused on the new circle of consumption, in order to feel its effect again.


It is precisely in this fact that the significance of psychotherapy can be seen. Namely, after the elimination of physical addiction with detoxification, it is necessary to beat the psyche too.

Dr Vorobjev clinic treats addictive disorders with Ibogaine. This unique therapy affects the causes of dependence in the brain so that the mind is released. In order to completely eliminate the urge to consume, working with a psychologist and psychiatrist are also combined. Therefore, the effect of treatment at the clinic is full.

The importance of psychotherapeutic work is the key to finding the real source of the addiction problem

Treatment of addiction is complex because of the differences between patients regarding age, occupation, social class, and the degree of addiction and motivation.

Starting from the belief that each patient is individual, the importance of psychotherapy is reflected in finding the right causes that led to the problem at first.

In addition to individual therapy, family therapy is also essential, as the disease affects every family member. In the effort to preserve the family, it is primarily aimed at resolving conflicts and current difficulties. Then, broken family relationships are improved to eventually address the deeper problems the disease covered.

Also, working with a family is the best way to provide support to the loved one during and after rehabilitation. So, as the ultimate result of treatment, not only healthy habits in the patient but also new, better relationships in the family develop.

Psychotherapy protects against relapse

Psychotherapy is an important tool in preserving the effects of healing. After short-term delight with the results achieved, patients may feel emptiness, depression, and boredness with the new way of life.

Often the person becomes again obsessed with the thoughts of “enjoying” psychoactive substances. Professional help is there for the desire not to take effect. However, one should bear in mind that the significance of psychotherapy is visible only if there is mutual trust between the therapist and the patient. Thanks to good interaction, a positive treatment outcome is expected.

Plazmafereza - bolnica za lečenje bolesti zavisnosti - Dr Vorobjev

Dr Vorobjev clinic boasts experienced psychiatrists and psychologists in its team, who will help you to deal with all the difficulties and challenges during the treatment of addictive disorder.

Published on November 8, 2022
Dr Vorobjev Clinic team

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