Electromagnetic field therapy has numerous effects. It primarily reduces swelling and inflammation, reduces pain, and improves tissue regeneration.

Electromagnetic field therapy is very effective, easy to apply, and completely painless. It shows its effects very quickly, which makes it applicable and popular in treating many disorders.

Electromagnetic field therapy is applied in the field of sports and rehabilitation, as it leads to injury recovery, reduces stress and other consequences of exhaustion.

The magnet can be used several times a day in continuity without any negative consequences, so it is highly beneficial.

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Magnetic field methods

This method is very effective as it:

  • Reduces pain and spasms in muscles;
  • Stimulates the activity of endocrine glands and hormones, in particular, the production of endorphin;
  • Improves inter-cellular transport and circulation;
  • Lowers blood pressure;
  • Improves peripheral circulation;
  • Accelerates metabolism;
  • Increases the amount of oxygen in the body and reduces fatigue.

Electromagnetic field therapy helps with insomnia, nervousness, and crises-related muscle spasms, mood swings, fatigue, swelling, fractures, and immunodeficiency.

Electromagnetic field therapy has a strong analgesic effect and helps in the treatment of crises symptoms. It also provides muscle relaxation, and all this gives the exhausted body a necessary rest.

At Dr Vorobjev clinic, we take great care to adapt our procedures to our patients to make them feel pleasant during their stay at the clinic.

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