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Dr. Vorobiev addiction treatment

Special addictive disorders treatment hospital Dr. VOROBJEV

The hospital for addiction treatment and rehabilitation is located in Zemun, Belgrade, in two buildings that accommodate patient rooms, procedure rooms, relaxation rooms. Our hospital was founded to help all those in need of help. Addictive disorders are increasingly widespread, so they are not only personal but also a social concern. It is for this reason that we are oriented to helping you restore your life and turn to the more beautiful and cheerful side of life.

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We use the latest innovative and award-winning treatment methods for addictive disorders that yield excellent results.


The most effective and harmless method of detoxification under general anesthesia makes the process entirely painless and pleasant.


We approach patients individually to determine the best therapy and restore their life.


After a successful procedure and treatment at the clinic, we pay special attention to maintaining the results through regular follow-ups and consultations.

We are at your service, 24/7!

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Meet our staff

Ana Vlačić

Ana Vlačić

Director of the Clinic

Nikola Senić

Nikola Senić

General medicine

Marija Jovanović

Marija Jovanović

General medicine

World-renowned doctors

Dr Vorobjev Clinic boasts world-renowned experts with many years of experience in treating addictive disorders and mental issues.

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Healing and recovery are possible

Regain control over your life

Drug detox is an essential step in dealing with addictive disorders. It involves the process of removal of drugs from the body, and at the same time allows the patient’s psyche and body to be in the normal painless state during the treatment to survive the crisis. Modern complete detoxification is an essential step in recovery and allows the patient to feel good afterward and return to normal life course.

Dr Vorobjev hospital helps you with addictive and mental disorders!

Although an addictive disorder is ultimately a chronic brain disease, the underlying causes or “triggers” must be treated and suppressed if we want the healing and recovery to be sustainable. Therefore, at our Dr Vorobjev Clinic, we apply contemporary methods to make our patients leave their bad life behind for good. The hospital is stationary with an outpatient clinic where patients come for follow-ups in the 12 months after the treatment.

treatment of addiction drug addiction dr vorobjev

Drug addiction treatment

Dr Vorobjev Clinic offers unique, innovative patented methods for drug addiction treatment with a high success rate.

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treatment of alcoholism

Alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol is a drug that causes most problems in society because of its availability, legality, and also the widespread social consumption habit.

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gambling treatment

Gambling addiction treatment

With our treatment methods, we will put an end to your gambling addiction, restore your psyche, and eliminate frustrating nervousness and irritability.

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treatment of methadone and substidol dependence

Methadone and supstitol addiction

At Dr Vorobjev clinic, methadone and supstitol detox lasts for 14 days, and we achieve excellent treatment outcome for our patients.

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treatment of ibogaine addiction

Ibogaine treatment of addiction

Ibogaine treatment is an alternative method of detoxification and treatment of drug addiction, usually opioid addiction.

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benzodiazepine dependence

Benzodiazepine addiction

The main goal of Dr Vorobjev hospital is to detect and cure the cause of benzodiazepine addiction based on collected data.

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Regenerative addiction treatment procedures

Regenerative procedures

Regenerative procedures are aimed at treating damaged blood vessels and cells, normalizing brain function, and alleviating pain and spasm.

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treatment of mental disorders

Mental problems treatment

Mental disorders are treatable, like any other health issue, and they should not be taken care of by only the diseased person, but also their closest surroundings.

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International Gold Quality Award

Dr Vorobjev hospital won the prestigious 2018 International Quality Summit award in the gold category in New York. This recognition came as no surprise as we know how much we are appreciated in the world and how much effort we have made to help people with addiction problems or mental issues.
We received the International Quality Award as an organization that is the driver of innovation in its field, and that is characterized by constant striving towards improving the quality and results of work.

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gold award for the quality of Dr. Sparrows

Our patient testimonials

The experiences of our patients from all over the world who were successfully treated at our Dr Vorobjev Clinic.

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