Psychotherapy is critical in the process of treating addiction, as it enables psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists to eliminate old habits and old behavior patterns of addicts. Psychotherapeutic work prepares a patient for new ways of functioning that are directed against addiction and addictive mechanisms and that are used to set new life goals.

Psychotherapeutic work consists of:

INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY – Individual psychotherapy involves the individual work of a psychotherapist with a patient, aimed at providing psychological help and support during treatment. The work is mostly based on the following topics: the concept and understanding of addictive disorders, the factors of addictive disorders development, as well as the illusions, the internal and external triggers, the physical, psychological, professional and social consequences of the disease, the characteristics of addictive behavior as well as the rules of behavior in abstinence and resocialization.

GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY – These therapies are conducted as needed and involve the work of a psychotherapist with a group of patients. Psychotherapeutic work allows everyone to express their opinions on a given subject, to share their experience with others, to observe themselves with the eyes of other people, to understand that they are not alone with their problem and that their problem is not unsolvable.

PSYCHOEDUCATION – Psychoeducation is very important in the process of treating addiction as it is used to provide the patient with information about his illness, all to increase motivation and criticality.

FAMILY PSYCHOTHERAPY – Addiction is a disease of the entire family, not an individual, so at Dr Vorobjev clinic, the emphasis is on work with family, i.e., associates in treatment. Family psychotherapy involves a method of psychological help during which a psychotherapist works with the entire family or several of its members. The family is considered a unique social system that functions according to its special laws. That is why family psychotherapy is a special form of psychological counseling that focuses on solving problems in family relationships, resolving the conflict between spouses, achieving harmony, etc.

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