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Painless opioid detoxification


The purpose of detoxification is to cleanse the body and overcome withdrawal symptoms which occur due to the interruption of opioid consumption.

The treatment is carried out in a hospital environment and patients are kept under the twenty-four-hour supervision of doctors who can help them at any time, making the detoxification process as painless and pleasant as possible.

The type of detoxification process is selected on an individual level in accordance with the patient’s diagnosis.  The type of substance abused, length of consumption and other health problems are all taken into consideration.

Symptoms of opioid addiction

In the initial stage of narcotic addiction, a loss of control over substance abuse occurs. The addict wishes to feel inebriated more and more often and this inebriation becomes their main goal, while family, work and friends are neglected. Although loved ones begin noticing changes, the addict persistently denies this and is extremely uncritical towards their own behavior, losing the ability to adequately assess the situation they are and becoming prone to conflicts. This all points to a psychological drug addiction.

The middle stage is characterized by the regular use of the substance and the taking of increasingly larger doses due to increased tolerance. Not taking the substance results in withdrawal. This is when the addict realizes the negative aspects of drug abuse, including damaged mental and physical health, family conflicts, loss of their friends and job.

This is a crucial phase in which addicts seek help. The final stage of narcotic addiction is characterized by irreversible changes resulting from drug abuse which include the total breakdown of their personality, poor health, loss of their friends and job.

Dr. Vorobjev - Complex painless detoxification from opiates 2

Treatments at the Dr. Vorobjev clinic


We are here to help you

If needed, we also offer transport of patients from the airport or station to the hospital and back. We help foreign patients with obtaining a visa if they require it and if the patient has an escort with them, they can stay at the hospital as well.

Our professional staff is available to our patients 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our doctors are certified anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists with 10 to 25 years of experience. Your safety and security is our priority, the facility is under video surveillance monitored by our security staff.

Dr. Vorobjev - Complex painless detoxification from opiates

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