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When a person decides to quit drugs without medical help, it can often lead to a relapse. Medical assistance is vital when transitioning from drug use to a sober life, because the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely severe.

Because conventional marijuana detox systems are very unpleasant, methods of rapid and ultra-rapid detoxification with minimal withdrawal symptoms have been developed for quick marijuana detox. This article describes the two types of marijuana detoxification methods.

Ultra-rapid and rapid Marijuana detoxification

What Is Marijuana Detoxification

Marijuana detoxification uses a number of interventions to manage drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms. The first step of marijuana treatment begins with the cessation of use.

This process involves the removal of toxins and harmful substances from the patient’s body that were ingested during marijuana abuse. The detoxification process involves medications to help the patient recover fast.

Marijuana Detox Protocol

In rapid detox methods the patient’s body is cleared of the drug in an accelerated mode. The drug intake is completely stopped, marijuana is forced out of the body, and the withdrawal symptoms are controlled with medication.

Indications for the Procedure

A marijuana detoxification program is indicated for healthy people who have been abusing marijuana but want to quit.


Detoxification from marijuana is not advisable for patients with severe health problems or organ failure. The patient’s condition must be stabilized first to keep their heart, liver, and kidneys functioning properly.

Rapid and Ultra-rapid Marijuana Detoxification Techniques

Regular detox can take days, weeks, and in severe cases even months. It is a difficult and painful period for the patient, and the risk of relapse during this period is incredibly high. With the rapid technique, the entire process takes 2 to 3 days, and with the ultra-rapid technique, it takes up to 8 hours. At the same time, the patient will experience practically no unpleasant symptoms due to the support of medication. At the end of the procedure the body is completely cleared of the drug.

Rapid Detox

Medication is administered to the patient to quicken the onset and the detox process. Several drugs are also administered to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Ultra-rapid Detox

The patient is put under general anesthesia, and then the doctors administer drugs to them, which pushes the body to start cleansing. Once the patient regains consciousness, the body has already eliminated the drug without unpleasant symptoms or cravings.

Marijuana Detox Process

The marijuana fast detox process is fully supervised by specially trained medical staff. The patient receives a significant amount of fluid intravenously to maintain hydration and stimulate the flushing of toxins from the body. Analgesia and anti-anxiety medications are given, if needed, and the pulse, blood pressure, and respiratory rate of the patient are monitored. Exiting the procedure is gradual so that the body adapts to its new clean condition.

Preparing the Patient for Marijuana Detoxification

Before starting the detox, health experts advise patients to drink plenty of water to help the marijuana detoxification process. Patients are also restricted from using weed. Doctors also carry out urine tests to determine the level of cannabinoids in the patient’s system.

A baseline examination is performed to identify possible risk factors or complications of the procedure and to determine the appropriate detox method. The patient is also informed about the procedure and how it works, and given answers to their questions.

Is It Safe to Detox at Home?

Home marijuana detox with cleanser is hard to do without medical help. Some people have managed to detox from home using a marijuana detoxification kit, but the chances of a relapse are high. It is crucial for those who want to quit to rather seek medical assistance.

Marijuana Detox Time

The length of regular marijuana detox depends on a few factors:

Marijuana withdrawal begins the day the patient decides to quit. After 48-72 hours, withdrawal symptoms persist, and detoxification continues for 2 weeks.

The amount of marijuana the patient has used

The duration of use

After 3 weeks of detox, there are no more side effects, although some users have reported mild side effects a few months after quitting.

In rapid detoxification, the marijuana detox time is up to 3 days. The ultra-rapid technique takes only 6-8 hours.

Marijuana Detoxification Symptoms

According to Marijuana Anonymous, the main symptoms of marijuana detoxification are headache and insomnia. Other symptoms may include:

  • Stomach problems
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chills
  • Loss of focus
  • Irritability
  • Sweating
  • Mood changes
  • Severe depression
  • Cravings for marijuana

Benefits of Rapid Marijuana Detox

Marijuana fast detox is one of the best ways to detox from marijuana and cleanse your body from the harmful substances. These are some of the benefits of rapid marijuana detox:

Less cases of relapse after treatment

Reduces the intensity and length of painful withdrawal symptoms

It acts as a fast marijuana detox cleanser

Addiction Treatment After the Detox Process

Detox is the initial step of addiction treatment, but it is insufficient for a full recovery. At Dr.Vorobjev Clinic, we prioritize the psychological part of a patient’s life by helping them overcome stress and live a fulfilling life.

The Cost of a Marijuana Detox

The cost of treatment at Dr.Vorobjev Clinic depends on the treatment plan. The treatment plans can be as an inpatient and outpatient.


Our medical team boasts top renowned experts, including neurologists and addictologists, among others. We have many years of experience in helping our patients regain their normal life.

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“After years of smoking pot, I decided to quit, and I realized I couldn’t. Although it seemed like it was possible at any time, I smoked marijuana every time I was shy. The treatment at the Vorobjev Clinic helped me. No side symptoms from quitting marijuana — everything went quickly and comfortably. Now I am working with a psychologist at the clinic and learning healthy ways to cope with stress. After getting clean from marijuana, I can feel how my brain has suffered, how viscous and primitive my thinking has become. I hope I can get back to normal.”

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