Detoxification is the second phase in the treatment during which the patient is given infusion and drugs that accelerate the process of purifying the body from the addictive substance. In this way, the crisis is mitigated and prevented, and the disturbed body balance is restored.

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Depending on the diagnostic results, the appropriate detoxification method, that is, the complex of methods that will give the best results in his case is chosen for each patient individually. The complex of methods includes UROD (Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification), Neurojet (N.E.T.) therapy, pharmacotherapy, special infusions with vitamins, hepatoprotectors. It is imperative that detoxification is quick, that the patient does not feel pain or suffer, that the patient’s sleep and appetite return to normal, that the patient’s mood stabilizes.

Detoxification involves a complex of measures aimed at purifying the body from substances and overcoming the withdrawal syndrome. The type of detoxification is selected individually based on analyses of several essential factors, such as the amount and length of use of drugs, and the individual condition of the patient assessed by doctors.


Inpatient treatment at our clinic is undoubtedly the best but also the safest way to detoxify patients. When a patient is put at our clinic, he is denied access to drugs, while the prescribed therapy is under the twenty-four-hour control of doctors and nurses. In this way, patients are under the watchful eye of our doctors specialists and can receive appropriate medical care at any moment, which makes the process maximally painless and pleasant.

In addition to providing safety and all necessary medical assistance, in-patient treatment is the best way to eliminate all the consequences and side effects of drug use, as the overall state of the body is improved. Appetite increases, sleep is normalized, immunity is strengthened, nervousness, depression, the desire for drugs, and the need for medications are reduced. This is achieved thanks to the use of detoxification and psychotherapy.

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URODUltra-rapid detoxification is an innovative and extremely efficient method that aims to speed up the process of cleaning the body and at the same time reduce and shorten the intensity of unpleasant crisis symptoms.

PHARMACOTHERAPY – Pharmacotherapy is an important element of detoxification. Depending on the diagnosis results, a combination of medicines is used during detoxification to eliminate the basic symptoms of the crisis. The medicines used in pharmacotherapy belong to the world standard against the crisis and provide excellent protection against pain.

A part of the pharmacotherapy is also a therapy for the elimination of the effects of using drugs. It involves primarily inhalations for lung cleansing, special infusions with neurometabolics that are essential for the recovery of the body, nootropics to improve the brain exchange process, and hepatoprotectors that are responsible for liver regeneration. All preparations used in pharmacotherapy are entirely safe and do not cause addiction.

N.Е.Т. – Neuro-Jet therapy is a method that reduces crisis symptoms.

Neuro-Jet therapy is a natural protection against shock, pain, and stress and is based on natural opoids produced by neurons. When a person consumes drugs, the secretion of natural opoids is virtually discontinued. Neuro-Jet is a small electronic device that normalizes the level of dopamine and endorphin in the brain. Stimulation with the Neuro-Jet device is entirely painless. The patient feels only mild tickling and vibrations. Frequencies and impulse intensity are computer-controlled.

TRANSAIR THERAPY – Transair therapy is a special procedure for cerebral hemisphere harmonization. It is characterized by reducing psychic tension in the patient, nervousness, affecting the reduction of depression, sleep, appetite and mood problems, and most importantly reducing the desire for drugs.

This procedure is an integral part of our treatments, and it is being used in alcohol detoxification, methamphetamine detoxification and drug detoxification.

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