Although the inpatient treatment part at Dr Vorobjev clinic is essential, it is not the end of treatment. Outpatient treatment, regular follow-ups, and post-treatment support is what keeps the achieved results and prevents relapses.

What does outpatient treatment mean?

Outpatient treatment involves 12-months support aimed at preventing relapse. During this time, the patient takes medicines prescribed by our doctors and adheres to the rules of outpatient treatment. Monthly follow-ups at our clinic are done in person, by telephone or e-mail, if necessary.

During outpatient treatment, the patient’s current state is assessed, and therapy is corrected if needed. If there is a change in mood, depression, or crisis, the patient should contact our medical team immediately to receive further advice.

Patients with Naltrexone implants should, in particular, take into account the effects of relapse, and visit the clinic as soon as the first implant expires to place the following one.

Complete treatment at our clinic may take a long time, but in the long run, in cooperation with the patient and his family, it yields excellent results.

Addiction Treatment Hospital - Post-treatment support - Dr Vorobjev

Why is post-treatment support important?

There are several reasons why post-treatment support is important.

Primarily, it provides a stable backbone to the patient. It thus encourages the strengthening of his beliefs that he can stay healthy and return to the social environment. In this way, the patient is given hope and empowered for future challenges.

Without post-treatment support and regular follow-ups at our clinic, the patient can fall into the crisis again and come to a relapse, returning to the former condition after a visible improvement.

Dr Vorobjev - Addiction Treatment Hospital - Post-treatment support

Tips for maintaining treatment results

In addition to regular outpatient follow-ups, it is crucial to adhere to the advice of doctors and psychologists from our clinic. Some of the most important tips to reintegrate into society and lead a healthy life include:

  • Staying busy by working or studying to avoid boredom that may be a trigger for returning to substances;
  • Prohibition of substance use because problems can be solved without them too;
  • Prohibition of the use of drugs that lead to addiction;
  • Regular follow-ups and adherence to therapy to maintain the achieved results;
  • Visits to special counselors and exercises that make it easier for a person to overcome the challenges of reintegration and resocialization;
  • Measures against relapse that contribute to the stabilization of the psychological state.

With our help, following these tips does not have to be overly difficult, and post-treatment support will help you to overcome various challenges and jumpstart a healthy and quality life.

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