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Special hospital for treating addictive disorders - Dr Vorobjev


Special hospital for treating addictive disorders is located in Zemun, Belgrade, spreading on over 2,000 m2 in two clinics. The hospital is designed as a place where our top and world-renowned doctors provide the latest innovative methods in treating drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, and mental problems. The unique methods of treating addiction applied by Dr Vorobjev clinic yield excellent results. Our clinic provides you with stability and comfort, which will help you get rid of addiction and restart your life. Our caring staff will be by your side during the detoxification and treatment procedures at all times.

Why choose Dr Vorobjev clinic?

sertifikat  20 years of experience

Dr Vorobjev Clinic has been dealing with the problem and treatment of addictions for more than 20 years. Internationally recognized doctors and vast experience enable us to achieve successful results even in the most severe cases.

 podrska-nasim-pacijentima    24h support

Our clinic’s team of physicians is continuously here for our patients to provide them with all-day support and treatment using the most modern and innovative methods. Call us today and schedule your appointment.

zasto-bas-mi-klinike  Patients from all over the world

Our clinic has successfully treated thousands of patients from a large number of countries and different continents. With the support and help of doctors of the Dr Vorobjev clinic, they got back on normal life track and returned to their families.

strucan-tim Expert team

Our expert team, with many years of experience, has achieved top results in the treatment of addiction in recent years. Each method has been elaborated to ensure complete and successful beating of addiction.

detoxification process dr vorobjev clinic

Painless and successful procedure


Dr Vorobjev hospital and its team are focused on treating psychological addiction to induce a repulsive feeling towards drugs in patients. In order to achieve a maximally successful outcome at the end of the treatment, with the help of special psychological procedures, we cause an aversion to drugs in patients. This is followed by the outpatient treatment stage that lasts 12 months after leaving the hospital.

Dr Vorobjev clinic applies innovative procedures using medicines, medical devices, and special psychotherapy. In addition to treating physical addiction, the clinic also treats psychological addiction by special procedures unique to Dr Vorobjev clinic.

Gold quality award

Golden Award for Quality Dr. Vorobiev

We are here to give you a chance for a better life

Throughout decades of dealing with addiction problems, our patients were people from different parts of the world.

In all of them, it all began very naively, they went out with friends for a drink or two, just like the others, played a game or two in the casino, consumed a joint with friends in front of the building. However, the addictive disorder is merciless and quickly takes its toll so before they know they are in debt, their families break up, grieving, and the job and career are neglected. With the help of our innovative and successful treatment methods, get rid of addiction, and start a healthy and successful life again.

Remember, you only have one life!


Our world-renowned doctors

Our world-renowned doctors will run complete diagnostics immediately after receiving a patient at Dr Vorobjev Clinic to clarify the causes and motives that made the person turn to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. Expert psychologists of Dr Vorobjev hospital have a lot of experience and assess the degree of depression, anxiety, memory disorders, emotional disorders, personality disorders, etc. using tests and a psychometric scale.

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detoxification clinic dr vorobjev

When a patient is put in our clinic, he is denied access to drugs, and the process of detoxification and therapy is under the twenty-four-hour control of doctors and nurses. In this way, our patients are under maximum control at every moment, which makes the process painless and pleasant. They will regain appetite, improve sleep, immunity, and reduce nervousness, depression, and desire for drugs.

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post-treatment support

After leaving Dr Vorobjev hospital, the patient continues with treatment at home. It is of utmost importance for the patient to maintain the treatment results and return entirely to his normal life course, keep doing sports, spend time with friends and family and turn to his job and career. This phase of maintaining results is crucial, usually lasts 12 months, and envisages regular monthly follow-ups and following of the treatment rules.


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