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Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug, producing euphoric effects. It comes in a purified crystal form (crystal meth) or as a pill or powder (regular meth). Due to its euphoric effects, its users tend to take repeated doses, making it one of the most abused substances in the United States. It is also highly addictive and causes a significant reduction in the quality of life of people who are addicted.

This article talks about methamphetamine addiction detoxification and other steps involved in the treatment of methamphetamine addiction.

Ultra-rapid and Rapid Methamphetamine Detoxification

What Is Methamphetamine Detoxification

Detoxification from methamphetamine is one of the key steps in the treatment of methamphetamine addiction. When a person abuses meth for a long period, there is a slow build-up of the drug in the body. This affects various organs and systems in the body, leads to a variety of symptoms, and impairs body function and quality of life.

Methamphetamine detoxification is the process of stopping the intake of this drug and essentially removing it from the body.

It aims to reduce the symptoms of its use and restore normal body function. During and following detoxification, steps are also taken to prevent relapse.

Meth Detox Protocol

Before the start of detoxification from methamphetamine, the addiction must be confirmed through diagnosis. The treatment plan is then determined, and the patient is prepared for the process. Medical detoxification of methamphetamine involves completely stopping the drug and reducing the withdrawal symptoms by using medications.

Indications for the Procedure

Due to the severity of, and potential harm of meth addiction, prompt treatment is required. For this reason, detoxification from methamphetamine is indicated in everyone who is addicted to the substance.


There are no specific contraindications for detoxification in people with meth addiction. Patients in a serious condition with decompensated diseases of internal organs, must first stabilize their general health condition.

Rapid and Ultra-rapid Methamphetamine Detoxification Techniques

Regular methamphetamine detoxification is often achieved over many weeks or months. However, detoxification from methamphetamine can also be achieved more rapidly. This helps prevent the inconvenience of dealing with withdrawal symptoms for extended periods.

Rapid detox is performed through complete cessation of the drug and receiving medication that reduces the negative symptoms of withdrawal. In ultra-rapid detox, the patient is put into a medicated sleep to avoid suffering from detox symptoms.

Methamphetamine Detox Process

The methamphetamine detoxification process is typically a difficult one due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms and the high risk of relapse. Detoxification starts with the cessation of the drug, followed by withdrawal symptoms. These usually start within the first day of stopping the drug, and reach peak levels in the next few days. Over the following weeks, they then reduce in intensity until they eventually resolve.

Preparing the Patient for Methamphetamine Detoxification

The process of detoxification is often daunting and long. Before the detoxification from methamphetamine, the patient is prepared for the process, which involves screening and counseling. The screening involves identifying the severity of the addiction, testing their urine for the presence of the drug, and screening for other disease conditions that may influence treatment.

They are also counseled on everything required for the process, including:

  • The estimated cost of the procedure
  • The symptoms of withdrawal they are likely to experience
  • The estimated duration of the treatment

Is It Safe To Detox At Home

Due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms, risk of relapse, and the need for adequate monitoring and support, detoxing from methamphetamine at home is not ideal or safe. However, people with short-term and milder addiction, can detox from home, and attend regular clinic visits.

Methamphetamine Detox Time

The methamphetamine detox time isn’t constant and usually lasts between a few weeks to a few months. In rapid and ultra-rapid detoxification, this would be shorter, from 6-8 hours to 3 days.

Methamphetamine Detoxification Symptoms

During detoxification, withdrawal symptoms may arise. The methamphetamine detox withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Hand tremors
  • Feeling tense and irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Drug cravings
  • Feeling depressed

Unpleasant symptoms of detoxification are managed with drugs individually selected by the doctor. In ultra-rapid detoxification, the patient is placed under anesthesia for the entire period where they would have experienced severe withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of Rapid Methamphetamine Detox

Regular detoxification from methamphetamine can take many weeks or months. This proposed treatment may limit productivity and function in patients, and can also be tiring for them. With rapid detoxification from methamphetamine, most of these issues are addressed. It usually takes a shorter time, allowing patients to return to fully functional earlier. It also greatly reduces the stress associated with detoxification.

Addiction Treatment after the Detox Process

Following the completion of detoxification from methamphetamine, additional therapy is given. This involves psychological and behavioral therapy to facilitate the restoration of work, family and social relationships and help them adapt their behavior to reduce the risk of relapse. This helps to improve the overall outcome of treatment. You can read more about it here.

The Cost of a Methamphetamine Detox

The cost of detoxification from methamphetamine at Dr.Vorobjev Clinic varies, and depends on several factors like:

  • The duration of the treatment
  • Whether the treatment is inpatient or outpatient
  • Severity of the addiction

For example, methamphetamine detoxification inpatient treatment would typically cost more than outpatient treatment because of the admission in the facility and 24-hour monitoring.

Longer treatments also cost more than shorter ones. Treatment in our clinic starts from 2700 €. Discussions with the medical team will help determine the appropriate treatment and total cost.


At Dr.Vorobjev Clinic, our medical team consists of skilled professionals who have received the appropriate training to treat addiction disorders. We also have a wealth of experience in detoxification from methamphetamine.

Patents and Certificates

At Dr.Vorobjev Clinic, we provide top-level care in a comfortable patient-friendly environment. We are fully certified to carry out detoxification from methamphetamine.


Due to our incredible track record of successfully treating methamphetamine and other drug addictions, we constantly receive excellent reviews from satisfied patients.

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