Oxyven is one of the most modern and most effective German oxygen application technologies used in top sports, addictive disorders, and the most severe diseases.

Oxygen goes directly to the blood by intravenous preparation, and in this way, Oxyven normalizes numerous functions, primarily those of the brain, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

Oxyven is the fastest possible way to reduce neurological, psychosomatic, and musculoskeletal disorders (pain, difficulty breathing, spasm, nervousness …)

Oxyven provides natural detoxification and regeneration of the whole body. Intake of psychoactive substances causes numerous immunological and metabolic disorders and leads to the destruction of brain tissue and synapses.

The healthiest and best way to regenerate the body is O2 – oxygen.

A reduced amount of oxygen destroys white blood cells (leukocytes) which remove bacteria, viruses, toxic substances, and tumor cells.

addiction treatment hospital - Oxyven - Dr Vorobjev

Oxyven effect

  • Detoxification of the brain, liver, and lungs;
  • Normalization of emotions;
  • Reduced pain, tension and coldness of extremities as the peripheral nerves and blood vessels are fed;
  • Improved short-term memory;
  • Reduced breathlessness;
  • Better physical fitness;
  • Recovery of peripheral nerves – polyneuropatia resulting from alcoholism and toxic substances in the body;
  • Faster wound healing;
  • Strengthened immunity and increased resistance to illnesses;
  • Regeneration of the liver that is damaged by alcohol and hepatitis.
Dr Vorobjev - addiction treatment hospital - Oxyven