COVID-19 and Rehab: Facts about drug and alcohol addiction treatments during pandemic.

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Treatment safety is our priority. Entire medical personnel have certificates and regularly undergo professional development procedures. The clinic is fully equipped with all necessary medical equipment. Doctors, nurses, and security personnel are on duty 24 hours 7 days a week.

The quality of the health service we provide is under the constant supervision of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, State Sanitary Inspection, Association for the Protection of Patients’ Rights in Serbia, as well as the international organizations for medical tourism.

Also, on the website, you can watch the experiences of our patients testifying to the safety of our treatments.

The patient must abstain from taking opioids for at least 7-10 days before starting with naltrexone therapy (naltrexone implant therapy) or immediately after detoxification.

Thanks to its main active ingredient, special form naltrexone, the implant reliably blocks opiate receptors in the brain for an extended period, excluding the euphoric effects of drugs (opium, heroin, methadone), narcotic analgesics (morphine, tramadol, etc.) and their surrogates.

The naltrexone implant is a long-acting medicine with a duration of 8-10 weeks and even longer. New-generation implants do not contain magnesium stearate and triamcinolone, but a polymeric carrier which allows the uniform release of the active substance to the blood for 6 or 12 months.

The main advantage is its suitability for application and effectiveness. The blocker is implanted subcutaneously, and in this way, it gradually and continually releases the therapeutic concentration of naltrexone into the blood. Naltrexone implant does not constrain the patient and allows him to have an active social life. Another advantage is minimized contraindications when using the blocker.

The length of treatment depends on the length of drug consumption. If drug addiction period is shorter than 3 to 6 months, it is recommended for opioid receptors to be blocked for 3-6 months. If this period lasted for a year and longer, the naltrexone implant therapy should last at least 6-18 months. The blocker can be re-implanted an unlimited number of times. The duration of the treatment itself and the number of re-implantations are determined by the patient and the doctor.

Certainly not! The first conversation aims to inform you and familiarize you with our treatment methods, which is also the first step towards your healing.

Of course! Patients from other cities are waited at the airport or train station and transferred to the clinic free of charge. Also, if a patient from abroad needs a visa, the clinic is ready to provide the necessary information.

Of course! Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit, and juices/tea. Food is prepared in our kitchen. The patients’ preferences, medical diets, religion-related dietary choices are taken into account.

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