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Standard diagnostic examination for assessment of a patient’s psychological condition includes psychodiagnostics which covers the following:

  • Psychological tests that determine the level of addiction
  • They assess the extent of the effects of opiate consumption on mental health
  • They determine whether there are signs of mental disorders
  • Whether depression is present
  • The degree of motivation for recovery
  • Self-criticism and preservation of willing mechanisms
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What is psychodiagnostics?

Psychodiagnostics is the application of diagnostics in the field of clinical psychology and provides a description of the personality and practical implications for treatments and procedures. It involves the use of a diagnostic interview and a battery of psychological tests used to evaluate the basic personality traits and determine the existence of possible psychological disorders of our patients.

Psychodiagnostics is also used when a psychiatrist wants to be sure in determining pharmacotherapy and it provides us with a comprehensive personality analysis, which is very important in addictive disorder treatment.

The primary psychodiagnostic battery usually involves a personality test, an intellectual ability and specificities test based on which the patient’s current mental state is assessed.

Clinic Dr. Vorobjev - Diagnostics

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