Going through withdrawal symptoms caused by amphetamine addiction can be difficult, but in the case of medical amphetamine detox, patients can quickly stop abusing this substance without the negative symptoms. Find out more details on this procedure in the text below.

What is amphetamine detoxification?

Amphetamine detox is a procedure that focuses on the elimination of toxins from the body. That can be done through various medical therapies that relieve signs of amphetamine withdrawal, but also cause faster recovery of the body. This also allows people to focus on achieving mental stability which is vital in long-term sobriety.

Amphetamine detox protocol

At Dr Vorobjev clinic, amphetamine detox is performed as a part of the treatment for amphetamine addiction. Before the procedure, a team of doctors constructs a plan of treatment that is created in accordance with the condition of each patient. Detox usually lasts from 2 to 5 days, depending on factors like the patient’s state, phase of addiction, and the existence of other potential health concerns.

Indications for the procedure

People who have developed tolerance to the effects of amphetamines or are addicted to the substance need to undergo detoxification as a part of amphetamine withdrawal symptoms treatment in order to leave their addiction behind. Going through proper medical detoxification is the fastest way to stop the physical cravings and get on the road to recovery.


The use of this drug causes health deterioration, and the longer the addiction lasts, the issues can become more severe. For people who have been suffering from addiction for a long time, any decrease in doses can cause massive amphetamine withdrawal symptoms, such as loss of breath, cramps and body aches, coma and death. With that in mind, detoxification as a part of amphetamine withdrawal treatment needs to be approached carefully when the following contraindications exist:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Patients who are pregnant
  • History of seizures
  • Respiratory diseases
amphetamine withdrawal and detox

Rapid and Ultra-rapid amphetamine detoxification techniques

In the case of opioid addiction, ultra-rapid detox techniques are applicable, so if a person takes opioids alongside amphetamines, this method is applied. Rapid detox can be used as an effective way to deal with amphetamine withdrawal symptoms as the entire process of detoxification can be achieved in 2 to 3 days. Compared to traditional detox methods, this rapid procedure effectively removes amphetamine withdrawal symptoms much faster and is equally reliable.

Amphetamine detox process

Through a complete medical detox, signs of amphetamine withdrawal can be if not entirely eliminated, then at least minimized. In order to achieve that, amphetamine withdrawal treatment includes the use of medications that speed up the extraction of toxins from the body. Not only that, but when it comes to amphetamine withdrawal symptoms treatment also includes the use of drugs that suppress the negative side-effects that usually follow the process of detoxification. All vital signs of the patient are monitored and the therapy can be modified in case of need.

Preparing the patient for amphetamine detoxification

The entire process of treatment includes detoxification and the treatment for amphetamine withdrawal effects starts with briefing, where the patient receives clear instructions on the procedures that are about to take place. Ahead of the procedure, the patient’s diet is also monitored, making sure that the recuperation of the body remains at an optimal level.

Is It safe to detox at home?

Because it is known that amphetamine withdrawal effects can be life-threatening and can lead to severe complications, trying to perform amphetamine detox without medical assistance is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Amphetamine detox time

How long does amphetamine withdrawal last and what is the usual detox time? When a person stops using the drug, the worst symptoms appear during the first 3 days. However, most of the symptoms can persist for up to 12 days, while it is possible to feel sporadic consequences for up to several months. When it comes to self-detox, amphetamine withdrawal symptoms can be eliminated after just a couple of hours most of the time, and in a few days in the most persistent cases.

Amphetamine detoxification symptoms

Without getting any help, addicts oftentimes go through amphetamine withdrawal symptoms by themselves. With amphetamine addiction withdrawal effects can be so severe that taking another dose of the substance is the only way to make the pain and suffering stop.

On the other hand, people who choose to start a rehabilitation process do not have to go through the negative symptoms that come with amphetamine withdrawal. The amphetamine withdrawal treatment that includes detoxification can leave the patients feeling tired, light-headed and drowsy, but after a day or two, these symptoms disappear. These are the main amphetamine detox symptoms that can occur.


Benefits of rapid amphetamine detox

Removing all traces of amphetamine from the body is crucial, as the buildup of this toxic substance can lead to many health concerns and even death. That is why a quick amphetamine detox in a controlled environment of a rehabilitation center is always the recommended method. It considerably lowers the chances of amphetamine withdrawal, but more importantly, it is safe and complete. Therefore, an inpatient amphetamine withdrawal symptoms treatment should always be the number one option.

Addiction treatment after the detox process

After detoxification, patients eliminate most of the amphetamine withdrawal signs, but the treatment for addiction does not end there. Overcoming the amphetamine withdrawal effects is vital, but losing the desire to go back to drug abuse can only be achieved through psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and the use of medical devices that help restore the chemical balance in the brain.

At our clinic, not only that we remove the amphetamine addiction withdrawal effects, but we also enable the patients to lead a healthy life after leaving the clinic.

The cost of amphetamine detox

Detox is not the only procedure that helps patients to deal with amphetamine withdrawal. The complete addiction treatment at our facility, which includes the amphetamine detox is individually created according to the needs of each patient. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer.


Doctors who specialize in amphetamine withdrawal treatment include anesthesiologists, narcologists, psychotherapists, psychologists and other medical experts. They monitor the patients through recovery, making sure that no amphetamine withdrawal effects are present during the treatment and after leaving our clinic.

Patents and certificates

Our amphetamine detox protocol is protected by patents for the procedures developed by our experts and inside our rehab center.


“If you are wondering how long does amphetamine withdrawal last, I can tell you that with the detox they perform in this clinic, you won’t feel it at all. I felt safe at all times during my stay here, and I believe that my decision to come to this facility was definitely the right choice.”

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