Physiotherapy is indispensable in the recovery process of patients being treated for addiction.

Physiotherapy deals with ways to improve the ability to move. It also pays great attention to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Dr Vorobjev - Physiotherapy - Hospital for the treatment of addictions

Services provided by physiotherapy

Physiotherapy services help people develop, maintain, and restore maximum functional mobility throughout all life periods.

Physiotherapy improves patient’s health through the following key stages: examination, diagnosis, intervention, and patient education.

Physiotherapists are healthcare workers, the only ones trained to provide these services, who also assess the patient’s condition before and after a specific intervention.

Physiotherapists have the necessary knowledge and skills acquired during education, but they are also there to support the patient and to continually encourage him to do activities. Apart from good communication skills and the ability to sympathize with the patient, they need to have patience and to adapt the program of work to a particular person.

At our Dr Vorobjev clinic, there are special rooms fully equipped with necessary appliances and tables, as well as a professionally equipped gym. All this allows physiotherapy to be performed in an entirely professional manner and by world standards.

Physiotherapy at Dr Vorobjev clinic as a significant healing factor

Physiotherapy significantly helps health promotion. It activates the whole body, improves general mobility, and revitalizes all functions.

Physiotherapy is beneficial in eliminating problems, both physical and mental. It is common knowledge that the body, psyche, and environment are connected and we all know about the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” At our Dr Vorobjev clinic, we offer an enjoyable environment for physiotherapy and detoxification, which will help you to return to the right path of life.

Our physiotherapists are always there to support you and make your way to recovery more comfortable.

Physiotherapy - Hospital for the treatment of addictions - Dr Vorobjev


Oxyven is one of the most modern and most effective German oxygen application technologies used in top sports, addictive disorders, and the most severe diseases.


Laser blood purification

Laser blood purification is a detoxification method necessary because of the taken harmful substances. Narcotics, alcohol and drug abuse lead to the destruction of blood vessels and blood cells, and the consequences are dire – infections, sepsis, thrombosis, embolism, and even death.


Spark waves therapy

Spark waves have biological effects that can be used to regenerate tissue and treat skin lesions.

The MTS medical device is very useful as it emits unique shock waves that help when it comes to skin lesions. To achieve optimum results, it is necessary to adjust the amount and distribution of targeted energy to treatment.


Electromagnetic field therapy

This therapy reduces muscle pain and improves the stimulation of endocrine glands and hormones, especially endorphin. It increases energy in cells, reduces swelling, improves circulation and transport through the cell. Fatigue is reduced and local metabolism is accelerated, and the O2 concentration in the tissue, brain, and lungs is elevated. Electromagnetic field therapy with is particularly important in reducing fatigue, mood swings, helps to improve sleep, regulate tension, stress, and emotional hypersensitivity.


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