Alcohol addiction treatment


Alcohol has one of the most prevalent and most widely consumed psychoactive substances since ancient times, and its harmful effects have always been known. However, this does not prevent people from abusing alcohol to this very day.

Alcohol is the drug for with the largest number of addicts. The main reasons for this are its availability, legality and the social acceptability of alcohol consumption.

Even small amounts of alcohol cause harmful effects on the psyche. One glass of beer or spirits affects the nervous system, and regular use may result in illness and even death.

Symptoms of alcoholism:

  • Alcohol causes behavioral changes, the addict’s personality changes, becoming aggressive, and conflict prone, irritable, and dissatisfied. The only goal in their life is the daily consumption of alcohol. If the addict had any plans, a reputation, hobbies, a family which they cared for, they all pale in comparison and the only priority becomes alcohol. That is why divorce, family breakdown, loss of one’s and social status often occur.
  • The occurrence of psychological addiction – a psychological need and craving for alcohol is formed so that its pleasant effects are felt again. The problem is in the patient, in the disorder and their inability to control themselves. They provide various excuses which are actually just a form of psychological defense mechanism and an attempt to avoid personal responsibility.
  • Withdrawal syndrome – a very difficult and dangerous condition. After consuming large amounts of alcohol are consumed, irritability, shaking, heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness and sweating occur upon sobering up. These symptoms are also colloquially known as a hangover.

As the time goes on these symptoms become more and more intense, and the hangovers become extremely difficult to tolerate. People look for ways to help them cope with the withdrawal symptoms and find them only in increasingly larger amounts of alcohol. This is how people become regular alcohol abusers, when they begin drinking to feel “normal” and to avoid hangovers. Although they give false promises that they will no longer drink, the cycle continues.

10-day procedure - Treatment of alcohol dependence - Dr Vorobjev

The consequences of chronic alcoholism

This is the third stage of alcohol addiction in which the changes inflicted on the body are almost irreversible. The addict’s metabolism and diet are put out of order, their appearance changes, their skin, their face. The addict starts experiencing tremors and changes in their movements. Their memory deteriorates, their personality breaks down and dementia ensues.

The liver, blood vessels, heart and other internal organs have been destroyed and the addicts’ days are numbered. It is never too late to prevent total destruction, but the problem lies in that addicts often refuse treatment for a long time because they do not believe themselves to be ill.

Dr Vorobjev - 10-day procedure - Treatment of alcohol dependence

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If needed, we also offer transport of patients from the airport or station to the hospital and back. We help foreign patients with obtaining a visa if they require it and if the patient has an escort with them, they can stay at the hospital as well.

Our professional staff is available to our patients 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our doctors are certified anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists with 10 to 25 years of experience. Your safety and security is our priority, the facility is under video surveillance monitored by our security staff.

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