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Heroin withdrawal

Heroin withdrawal

November 8, 2022

Heroin withdrawal, just like addiction to this psychoactive substance, has been known since ancient times. This is testified to by Sumerian records on clay tablets.

Even the ancient Egyptians knew the magical power of opium obtained from poppies, while a famous Greek doctor prescribed it to his patients as a medicine. This attitude remained unchanged until the 20th century.

Namely, heroin was first synthesized by English chemist C. R. Alder Wright in 1874. Its official use in medicine began two decades later, thanks to chemist Felix Hoffmann and Bayer Pharmaceuticals. At that time, a medicine called “heroin” was used for quick pain relief, as well as to treat coughs and colds.

Symptoms of heroin addiction were discovered very quickly, so Bayer stopped producing the medicine in 1913, only for it to be classified as an illegal substance in the following decade. However, this fact did not stop its use. On the contrary! There was incredible expansion, especially among morphine addicts, who found the new substance more potent and cheaper.

This growing trend of production and consumption has remained to this day. This is why Dr Vorobiev clinic draws your attention to the importance of heroin withdrawal.

Heroin withdrawal is a safe escape from death!

Not only is heroin the oldest illicit psychoactive substance, but is also one of the deadliest drugs, as confirmed by statistics. Currently, over 2 million people between the ages of 15 and 64 are addicted to heroin, while over 8,000 die annually, so it comes as no surprise that science is constantly working to discover new methods for heroin withdrawal.

Heroin withdrawal dr vorobjev clinic

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heroin is becoming more and more dangerous year after year. The reason for this lies in that this drug is not found in pure form among users. It is usually mixed with sugar and milk powder, paracetamol, but also with very dangerous substances such as lime, arsenic trioxide and washing powder. That is why many people compare heroin use to playing Russian roulette, as you never know exactly what you put into your body.

Even if a fatal overdose does not occur, do not forget that hepatitis B and C and HIV are its faithful companions. Unfortunately, they are most often detected in the advanced phase, ie. only after heroin addict treatment begins.

Restore your impaired health

There is almost no organ heroin cannot destroy. Depending on the route of administration, it may cause damage to the nasal mucosa, loss of sense of smell, deterioration of veins, and changes in the skin, hair and teeth.

Heroin withdrawal dr vorobjev clinic

Failure to administer heroin addiction treatment in time causes liver, pancreas, kidney, and lung problems, then bacterial infections of the blood vessels and heart valves.

Long-term consumption also affects the reproductive system, so menstrual disorders, and sterility and impotence are common in women and men, respectively.

How does heroin withdrawal affect the brain?

Heroin damages brain neurotransmitters – especially endorphin and dopamine, so heroin withdrawal restores a disturbed balance. This consequently changes the mood, that is, natural secretion of the happiness hormone decreases the stress and tension around getting a new dose, and returns the feeling of well-being.

Given that heroin develops desire in an incredibly short period of time, treatment of psychological addiction is key to complete rehabilitation. Anger, aggressive behavior, feeling of guilt and depression disappear with the elimination of craving. At the same time, the patient’s sleep improves and concentration and memory are enhanced.

Heroin withdrawal dr vorobjev clinic

Dr. Vorobiev clinic applies modern addiction treatment methods, which include painless detoxification and elimination of cravings using Ibogaine. Thanks to these unique methods and the individual approach of world-renowned physicians and psychotherapists, Dr Vorobiev clinic sets itself apart from other centers.

Under constant medical supervision, this hospital performs addiction treatment, not substitution therapy that can lead to relapse, so heroin addiction treatment is completely safe, fast and very effective.

Care for patients does not end there; discharge is followed by outpatient post-treatment support. It not only maintains the achieved results but also solves the problems caused by returning to normal life.

Heroin withdrawal dr vorobjev clinic

Don’t let heroin ruin your life, as at Dr Vorobiev clinic, addiction can be overcome!

Published on November 8, 2022
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