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How dangerous is to quit drugs on one’s own?

How dangerous is to quit drugs on one’s own?

November 10, 2022

The drug changes the user’s life from the root, destroying all the hopes, desires and plans. Unfortunately, even though the drug user is the most affected, even the closest family members cannot escape the suffering the drug brings with it. Yet, quitting psychoactive substances is often unfeasible. How dangerous is to quit drugs on one’s own and is it a path leading to a healthy life?

All drugs are toxic substances that eventually lead to complete body decay. Of course, some types of drugs are more dangerous than others, so the effects are felt soon after the first use. In rare cases, it can take up to several months before the signs of decay become apparent.

Treatment at a specialized institution is then the safest possible solution. Unfortunately, for fear of the unknown, many individuals still opt for home-based quitting. In addition to the fact that these attempts often end in failure, individuals also put themselves at great risk due to complications that may occur during detox.

Withdrawal from a drug on one’s own can be life-threatening

Sudden quitting of drug use and elimination of toxic substances from the body results in a great shock to the body. Self-detoxification puts the body in a state of complete exhaustion and fatigue. Therefore, a withdrawal that is not performed under the strict physician supervision puts people at high risk.

The complications that can result from these sudden changes include:

  • Respiratory difficulties
  •  Heart attack
  • Cramps
  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Insomnia
  • Arrhythmia

Depending on the person’s physical condition and level of addiction, the severity of symptoms may vary. To end the suffering of self-withdrawal, many individuals choose to re-take the drug that has led to the problem at first. Consequently, they are again drawn into the circle of bad decisions with no way out.

In addition to drugs, many drug addicts try to find salvation in taking medicines to alleviate crisis elements. However, without the expert advice of medical staff, they often overdose or take dangerous combinations of medicines that create a potentially deadly compound in the body.

Even if no fatal outcome occurs, the consequences of an inappropriate detox can be long-term. Therefore, escape from reality and taking a new dose are seen as the only possible solution. Instead of solving problems, these individuals put themselves at even greater risk of developing serious illnesses.

Clinic-based withdrawal is the right choice

With expert advice and the application of the latest methods and therapies, the path to recovery becomes far easier. By using the right medications after diagnosis, body recovery is greatly accelerated. Most importantly, the symptoms of pain and other complications resulting from detox process are completely eliminated.

How dangerous is to quit drugs on one’s own?

At Dr Vorobiev clinic, we use only the most effective treatment methods that guarantee success. Unlike self-withdrawal, ultra-rapid detox procedure eliminates all traces of drugs from the body in the shortest possible time. The procedure itself takes only a few hours and the patient spends that time in a state of sleep. More importantly, no pain or other symptoms of discomfort are felt during this time.

At the end of the detox treatment, the drug is removed from the body and patients feel a rush of positive energy and mood. Certainly, the detox process is only the first but extremely important step that leads to complete recovery. If this procedure is done properly, the chances of achieving recovery increase exponentially.

Published on November 10, 2022
Dr Vorobjev Clinic team

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