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COVID-19 and Rehab: Facts about drug and alcohol addiction treatments during pandemic.

Treatment of alcohol addiction at Dr Vorobjev clinic

alcohol addiction treatment

October 23, 2019

Alcohol addiction treatment will set you free from the oldest vice of humanity.

The tradition of drinking various alcoholic beverages has been known for over 7,000 years. This is evidenced by pottery from archeological sites containing traces of beer and wine. In Egypt, alcohol was an important part of the diet, and in Mesopotamia, it was classified as an indispensable food item. Even Greek doctor Hippocrates emphasized the healing effect of wine, while Babylonian ruler Hammurabi regulated the use and sale of alcoholic beverages by law.

However, even in ancient times, making drinks came with alcoholism. Thus, in ancient Rome, alcohol was banned for people under the age of 30, while in Sparta, people who got drunk were cut off their legs.

Still, it was not until 1647 that the first official description of the effects of alcohol use appeared. Greek monk Agapios indicated that long-term use of alcoholic beverages negatively affects the body and causes seizures, paralysis, and internal bleeding, while 2 centuries later Swedish physician Magnus Huss coined the term alcoholism and systematically described its harmful effects. Based on his work, chronic drinking was declared a disease, drawing more and more attention to the development of various methods for treatment of alcoholism.

Why is alcohol addiction treatment necessary?

There is almost no person in the world who does not have alcohol present in life. With drinks we celebrate, we relax after a hard day, we start our night out and even “cure” sadness. So it is not surprising that many people do not consider alcohol consumption a disease. Consequently, they are not even aware that they need alcoholism treatment.

Alcoholism should primarily be understood as a chronic, progressive disease with a recurrent character. With opiates and nicotine, this is the most widespread addiction faced by about 10 percent of the total population.

Lečenje od alkohola
Alcoholism can affect anyone, regardless of gender and age, as well as material and social status, which is confirmed by statistics. Thus, in recent years, the ratio between men and women who drink has shifted from 8: 1 to 5: 1, with a tendency to further equalize. Also, the age limit has moved, so children under the age of 11 use alcohol heavily.

It is the main cause of mortality in Serbia among young people between the ages of 15 and 30. Namely, the greatest number of fatal accidents happens under the influence of alcohol. It is not uncommon that delirium tremens leads to death due to cardiac or renal failure and even pneumonia.

Given the seriousness of the situation, alcohol treatment should be started at the earliest stage in order to avoid serious consequences.

Alcoholism treatment will relieve you of physical and mental dependence

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance which creates mental and physical dependence. This results in up to 15 years shorter lifespan.

In its developmental phase, this addiction disease first affects the liver. Over time, the liver loses its main function, i.e. it is prevented from decomposing harmful substances, leading to a number of problems – from fatty liver to cirrhosis.

Alcohol also affects blood pressure as it makes blood vessels less elastic, increasing stroke risk by as much as 40 percent. As the heart muscles begin to pump less blood, there is difficulty in breathing, swollen feet, as well as cardiac diseases.

As alcoholism leads to a decline in immunity, the body becomes less resistant not only to various infections but also to serious diseases such as breast, liver, mouth and throat cancers.

Long-term alcohol intake also affects the brain, causing a decrease in cognitive function. Recognizable symptoms are impaired impulse control leading to aggressive behavior, uncontrolled emotional reactions, various phobias and fears, memory loss, depression, but also more severe forms of psychosis.

Treatment at Dr Vorobjev clinic

Dr Vorobjev clinic applies complex treatment for alcohol addiction. The first step is to determine the physical and mental state of the patient. Standard diagnostics include urine test, hepatitis B and C tests, HIV infection, general blood test, biochemical blood test, ECG examination by an internist, then, psycho tests that identify the level of addiction and its effects on mental health.

Based on the results obtained, the expert team of world-renowned specialists and psychologists prescribe the most appropriate method of detoxification. Dr Vorobjev clinic stands out from the others by painless detoxification which eliminates the negative effects of the crisis. At the same time, a unique combination of infusions, vitamins and amino acids not only normalizes the heart, liver, kidney and peripheral nervous system but also restores all brain functions.

Body cleansing is followed by the treatment of mental addiction. Through a series of therapies, the patient perceives the bad side of alcoholism and begins to feel comfortable when sober, to finally form a negative attitude towards alcohol, which eliminates the desire for further use.

Alcohol addiction treatment at Dr Vorobjev clinic does not end with discharge. Post-treatment support is a key step in preventing relapse. It includes both checking the patient’s health and providing advice to avoid the challenges of daily life.

Lečenje od alkohola
Alcoholism in the family is a big problem with dire consequences. So do not wait for them to appear, seek help at Dr Vorobjev clinic on time. Thousands upon thousands of successfully treated patients from the country and abroad testify to it being the best clinic for the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and other forms of addiction.

Published on October 23, 2019
Dr Vorobjev Clinic team

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