Drug overdose – How many people have died from addiction?

Drug overdose - How many people have died from addiction dr vorobjev clinic

November 8, 2022

Drug overdose is an increasingly common cause of death, especially among the younger population. Addiction develops out of negligence, and as a result of rebellion and curiosity of young people. Drugs are one of the biggest plagues of today. It is sometimes very difficult to cure addiction, but it is not impossible!

Addiction is curable, and you only need will and an appropriate addiction treatment clinic. Self-rehab is not recommended, as very often the outcome is not satisfactory.

Teens are a high-risk group of potential addicts. They are in the age when they want to be independent, prove maturity and therefore act unreasonably. Then, most often under the influence of friends, they try various opiates, and very often continue with consumption. There is great responsibility on the parents as well as other agents of socialization. They must respond in a timely manner and prevent problems from developing.

Drug overdose – How many people have lost the battle?

In Serbia, a large number of people lose their lives every day due to drug overdose. The data say marijuana, heroin and cocaine are most often consumed. Marijuana is usually a drug they begin with. It is predominantly the first step toward addiction and potential drug overdose. It is not known that anyone has ever lost their life to marijuana, but it is certainly the cause of serious addiction.

Heroin and cocaine are a much more serious problem. The treatment of addiction to these psychoactive substances is much more demanding and must be approached with great care.

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People who consume addictive substances develop tolerance very quickly. As soon as that happens, they look for a stronger substance that will meet their needs and make them feel euphoric and relaxed. When consumed, heroin can never achieve the effect that existed during the first consumption. Due to the overwhelming desire for this to happen though, the dose of heroin increases, and with it the chance of drug overdose.

Unfortunately, statistics show that an increasing number of people have succumbed to this problem. According to last year’s data, nearly 300 million people have tried the drug at least once in their lifetime. Even more dramatic is that half a million people have died from drug abuse so far.

An extremely worrying fact is that nearly 80 % of young people are close to a drug or drug dealer every day.

A large number of teens are exposed to a significant amount of opiates every day and it is only a matter of time before they fall into the clutches of this problem.

How to prevent a drug overdose

Education and awareness-raising of the problem are very important. First, the family needs to react and teach their child about the dangers that lurk. Parents are the first agent of socialization, and only then the school. Teachers also have a very important role in upbringing and educating children.

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It is necessary to give lectures at school, at least twice during the school year. Older students need to be further educated and focused on the right path because they are more exposed to danger.

Parents should pay special attention to their child. Don’t think ugly things always happen to others! You have to be convinced that something like this can happen to you. Misfortune never chooses which door to knock on, and it is not impossible that you will become the target of bad luck.

Be sure to have a preventative conversation with your child and be careful. Know when it gets home, where it is and who it spends time with. Do not let it feel neglected, because it is at these moments that it will turn to drugs.

Keep in mind that as many as 59 % of surveyed high school students said they were offered drugs. Can you guarantee that your child is not one of them?

The act of overdose and possible death from drug use is an extremely real occurrence! It happens often and the victim can be anyone. If you notice signs of opiate consumption in your loved ones, do not delay treatment and do not think that professional medical attention is unnecessary. It takes more than will for treatment to be effective.

Addiction treatment clinic

Dr Vorobiev is an addiction treatment clinic with long-standing tradition that gathers doctors with many years of experience in treating addiction.

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We use different methods of body detoxification, and tailor therapies to each patient individually. After cleaning the body, the patient goes through therapy by talking to a psychotherapist. They then act on the causes and solving of the problem that led to addiction.

Our team of medical professionals has been successfully treating addiction for many years. We know we can help! Do not wait for a long time to pass and for addiction to take hold, because the longer a person is exposed to harmful substance the more difficult and demanding the treatment is.

Contact us as soon as possible and schedule an appointment at our Dr Vorobiev clinic! We’re here for you!

Published on November 8, 2022
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