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How alcoholism affects you and your family


November 8, 2022

Alcoholism is a major problem that results from the excessive and uncontrolled use of drinks. Unfortunately, not everyone considers it a problem, as alcohol consumption is socially acceptable and is deemed normal.

Alcohol destroys not only the mental and physical health of addicts, but also their family and friendships, leading to loss of jobs and material losses, and personality degradation.

There is a way to recover from this devastating addiction before it is too late. Our Dr Vorobjev clinic is here to help you.

Alcoholism – Impact on addicts

Alcohol destroys many organs in the body, primarily the liver, and leads to cirrhosis. Also, it causes pain and numbness, impotence, stomach mucosa irritation (which can lead to ulcer and stomach cancer), damages pancreas (which increases the risk of developing diabetes), leads to an increase in blood pressure and cardiac insufficiency.

In mental terms, it leads to the deterioration of neurons and psychological problems. Loss of nerve cells leads to poor memory and permanent changes in the brain. Alcoholic epilepsy, a very dramatic condition characterized by loss of consciousness, falling, cramps, and respiratory failure, also often occurs.

Delirium tremens is the most horrible consequence of alcoholism. Nighttime fears, nightmares and sweating, rapid heartbeat and fever occur, and these symptoms are followed by non recognizing other people, illusions and hallucinations.

Delirium tremens is a very urgent condition with a high mortality rate, so treatment must be done in hospital conditions.

Alcohol also causes sick jealousy whose main characteristic is constant suspicion of infidelity and searching for evidence that would confirm it. This situation can lead to violent behavior and, unfortunately, the murder of a spouse.

Alcoholism – impact on the family

Alcoholism destroys and pushes to the bottom not only alcoholic but also his entire family.

When a family finally admits to having an alcoholic among them, and this is not easy, it initially gives provides understanding. However, over time, more intense drinking and more frequent excesses occur, leading to fierce fights involving the whole family. Usually, a spouse is the one who tries to take control while children retreat to themselves and live in constant fear.

At some point, it becomes clear that treatment is the only option. The alcoholic rejects it, but the family is aware that things have gone too far.

The consequences of alcoholism are numerous and profound: it leads to divorce, family breakdown, child neglect, material and emotional losses, aggression and violence, and psychological problems in children. Socially, alcoholism is a bad model and a wrong example that cannot be tolerated.

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Treatment of alcoholism at Dr Vorobjev hospital

One thing should always be kept in mind – alcoholism is a curable disease. The fact is that the alcoholic does not usually want to be treated because he does not think he has a problem. It is where the family enters the scene; that is, it has to urge the alcoholic to join the treatment process.

Treatment is complex and includes the alcoholic, but also his family. It is imperative to change the behavior of all members, and that alcoholism is not tolerated. With the support of the family and professional help, it is possible to resist alcohol and recover from this addiction.

Our Dr Vorobjev hospital has an impressive experience when it comes to treating various types of addictions and psychological problems. We offer complete alcohol addiction treatment programs that yield great results and with which you will leave alcoholism in the past forever.

Published on November 8, 2022
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