COVID-19 and Rehab: Facts about drug and alcohol addiction treatments during pandemic.


Despite the great medical advances the early 21st century saw, treatment of junkies still
remains a taboo that is not talked about to the extent necessary. And yet, the question remains as to whether drug use implies character weakness, or equally affects people of all classes and demographics?

Junkies or drug addicts are individuals who have lost all control over their thoughts and actions, due to an unending desire for drug use. Their crisis can be so strong that all other plans and desires of theirs become meaningless. The only essential item in the addict’s life becomes acquiring a new amount of drug that would bring short-term benefits.

In such a condition, long-term abstinence, or stopping with drug use, is virtually unthinkable. Although many addicts are fully aware of the harm drugs do to their body, they are simply unable to cope with the elements of crisis.

Causes of addiction and aggravating factors for drug treatment

Unsolvable family quarrels, difficulties at work and financial losses are just a few factors that contribute to the development of addiction. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to prevent the causes which
lead to problems and eradicate them.

Despite the enormous efforts of schools to educate students, the media warning of adverse effects
of drug, and efforts by authorities, research shows that illegal substances are now more easily
available than ever before.

Treating a junkie at home without the advice of specialists and without using the latest body recovery methods is doomed to failure. Even in the rare situations when people manage to cope with the elements of withdrawal, mental instability remains. Any subsequent temptation or difficult period of life carry large doses of risk of returning to old habits.

Drug use destroys the lives of children and adolescents

Children of addicts also experience numerous traumas that can leave a deep mark and follow them for
the rest of their lives. Although many people think that the youngest are not aware of the things that happen around them, noise and stress levels negatively affect their future development.

The negative effects of drugs are also noticeable in newborns. Children whose mother has a problem with
addiction are born smaller and develop slower compared to their peers. If addiction develops during adolescence, this brings with it a whole host of problems. First of all, the desire for taking psychoactive substances can be so strong that adolescents start to completely neglect their duties.

Treatment of junkies - Turn to life without vices! dr vorobjev

Soon they perform poorer at school, tend to be problematic, often violent, and relationships with other household members worsen. Teens who regularly consume psychoactive substances are also more prone to engaging in unprotected sex, which contributes to the spread of sexually transmitted and other diseases. Then there are often unplanned pregnancies, and the consequences can be catastrophic, due to young people’s lack of readiness to bear with such life challenges.

In such situations, the responsibility falls on the household members and friends of the addicts themselves. They have to contribute to solving the problem by constantly giving advice and often even taking the matter into their hands and making sure addicts are treated thoroughly. Certainly, collective responsibility is just one of the ingredients leading to recovery.

In order for things to turn for the better, the effort and awakening of the desire for healing in the individual himself are imperative. Otherwise, there is a risk that all well-meaning advice and suggestions are interpreted as preaching. Unfortunately, hatred and blaming never lead to the expected results. On the contrary, this type of behavior is often a major obstacle to progress.

Drug treatment at Dr Vorobiev clinic

Addiction is a complex condition that destroys brain cells and causes numerous health issues over time. For this reason, our international team of doctors applies the most advanced medical procedures to ensure that each patient is able to achieve complete medical recovery, regardless of the severity of the disease.

Accordingly, in the treatment of addiction, we apply only individual approach. We believe that
there are no two completely identical cases, and before the start of treatment, we make a detailed
diagnosis. The purpose of this method is to find and examine all the factors that can make the healing process difficult. This includes tests for the potential presence of the drug in the bloodstream and tests for
viral diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. If tests reveal accompanying diseases, there is an opportunity to collaborate with experts from other clinics to continue treatment as quickly as possible.

Treatment of junkies - Turn to life without vices! dr vorobjev

Detoxification is a key stage of therapy, and these procedures start soon after diagnostics is completed. The goal of detox is to remove all traces of the drug from the body as soon as possible. Unlike home detox, with use of medicines and ultra-fast detox methods, side effects of withdrawal soon disappear completely.

Most importantly, the treatment methods used at Dr Vorobiev clinic are completely painless and harmless to the body. During the treatment, doctors and medical staff monitor all vital parameters of patients and make sure everything goes well. Therefore, the symptoms such as nervousness, insomnia and pain disappear completely.

At the same time, infusions are used to replenish vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which accelerates body recovery. In the shortest amount of time, patients gain strength to continue with the rest of the treatment and fully commit to their recovery. Once all the traces of toxic substances disappear from the body, detoxification is considered successful.

Psychotherapy and elimination of the desire to use drugs

Still, eliminating crisis is only one part of treatment. The other, and according to by many the most important part of the therapy, is based on eliminating the desire to use drugs. Moreover, after
treatment at Dr Vorobiev clinic, patients feel a strong aversion to drugs. They become aware of the harmfulness of their past lifestyle and thus create psychological barriers that prevent relapse.

Mental stability is achieved through the use of the latest medical devices, with particular emphasis being placed on psychotherapies. With medical devices, the brain functions return to their natural state of balance. Impaired hormone production is restored, and therefore mood returns to the previous level.

Treatment of junkies - Turn to life without vices! dr vorobjev

In the healing process we also use unique methods and procedures, such as treatment with Ibogaine and
Ayahuasca. As addiction leaves long-lasting effects on the brain, in order for treatment to be thorough, it is essential to find the very core of the problem and eliminate the habits that could lead to relapse. Treatments with Ibogaine and Ayahuasca change the very perception of addict consciousness. When these procedures are completed, emotional discharge occurs.

Due to these violent reactions, they manage to break free of all the negative thoughts that have beset them
and find their inner peace. After that, developing healthy habits becomes possible, and that is exactly what is achieved through psychotherapy sessions. At group and personal treatments, priorities that must be achieved upon leaving the clinic are determined.

By adhering to the rules of prescribed therapy and with constant monthly check-ups, achieving complete recovery is possible. If you are a drug addict, or know someone who suffers from this disorder, contact us and get rid of bad habits today!

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