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Treatment of gamblers with latest procedures at Dr Vorobiev clinic


Games of chance seem harmless at first glance, as they seem to be nothing more than a pastime. Unfortunately, many do not know that gambling addiction is a widespread disorder. The treatment of gamblers is a complicated process that has to be done in professional institutions.

Over time, gambling leads to enormous financial hardship, family destruction, and often a complete loss of life priorities. People become prone to sudden mood swings, neglect all previous obligations and lose control over their own actions. This behavior is unacceptable and requires immediate treatment.

It is a well-known fact that almost all attempts to self-rehab from gambling end in relapses, that is, returning to old pernicious habits. The question is why is gambling addiction so difficult to treat when physical addiction is virtually non-existent?

Gambling destroys the person’s voluntary mechanisms

To better understand the nature of this type of addiction, we need to focus on the causes of the problem itself. While many people think that financial aspect is a crucial factor pushing people deeper into the clutches of addiction, the truth is quite different. If potential gain does play a role, it takes place in the earliest stages.

Gambling has the unique power to change a person’s personality, completely cloud his mind and set new life priorities. It is important to know that no one is completely resistant to these effects, and that addiction does not develop solely in weak individuals who have already had some tendency to develop such problems.

Lečenje kockara

In the process of gambling, due to the great excitement and the amount of external stimuli, the body naturally increases the amount of adrenaline, raises the pulse and sharpens the senses. People experience this change as a characteristic excitement that they cannot achieve anywhere else. Unfortunately, over time, the brain becomes accustomed to these changes, so people automatically start to search for increasing excitement that would brighten the daily monotony.

Even making financial gains is no longer enough to halt the whole process. People simply lose the power to control their own thoughts, and thus their behavior changes from the root. They become selfish, do not pay attention to the needs of the people around them, and are also willing to lie and deceive on their loved ones to silence the voice in their heads and to meet their inner need for gambling.

Treatment of gamblers is not possible at home

Well-meaning advice and wishes from loved ones are not enough to achieve complete recovery. Neglecting problems, on the other hand, never leads to recovery. Therefore, many choose to try abstinence, which in rare cases seemingly delivers the desired results. However, upon reaching initial success, the greatest number of addicts still stumbles during some period of their lives.
Also, conditions such as constant irritability and nervousness are transmitted to all family members. As a result, the structure around the addict, which could make him turn to a healthy life, collapses. Without the help of his loved ones, the addict becomes completely infirm to cope with his illness, and often turns to other vices, which further aggravate the situation.

Without professional help, addicts are unable to create mental blocks and obstacles that will prevent a new birth of addiction.

Gambling addiction is closely linked to the reward system in the brain, and in the process of involuntary abstinence, people feel a constant lack. Although many claim that this feeling disappears over time, the truth is that the desire to gamble can occur even after months or even years. Therefore, unless the cause of addiction is detected and the subconscious need for gambling is eliminated, there will always be a risk of relapse.

Gambling addiction treatment at Dr Vorobiev clinic

At our institution, we have assembled an international team of physicians that takes care of the needs of all patients 24/7. Our years of experience in the treatment of addictive disorders and the application of the latest methods and procedures guarantee long-term success. In the modern clinic built according to strict world standards, patients find the strength to cope with their fears and overcome addiction once and for all.

The treatment of gamblers is a specific endeavor that involves complete commitment and restoration of collapsed pleasure hormone production. Once the body becomes accustomed to the overwhelming amount of external sensations that cause pleasure, the natural production of the neurotransmitter is halted. Everyday life then becomes a liability, and gambling is the sole source of joy.

At Dr Vorobiev clinic, we use proven medical devices, psychotherapy, aversive procedures and pharmacotherapy to completely eradicate the addiction, not just cover it for a short time.

Lečenje kockara

Treatment certainly begins with diagnostics, when the existing degree of gambling addiction is determined. Accordingly, our specialists plan a further treatment plan and prescribe therapy that meets the needs of all patients. The next step in treatment involves pharmacotherapy, ie. the use of appropriate medicines.

Medicines stabilize the functioning of the cerebral hemisphere, restart the production of endorphin and help restore the body’s normal functions. Normal sleep and appetite are restored, and thus a rush of strength and positive energy is channeled to accelerate the healing process.

Treatment of gamblers with medical devices and psychotherapy

In the treatment of gambling addiction, we use only the latest medical devices, which are completely painless. Neuro Jet therapy stabilizes a person’s mental state. This is accomplished through neuro impulses that affect the cerebral cortex and further stimulate endorphin regeneration and secretion.

Trans Air therapy is used to rebuild and renew existing voluntary mechanisms. This method simultaneously affects both cerebral hemispheres, restores impaired hormone balance and promotes the elimination of harmful patterns of behavior, such as the desire to gamble.

In addition to medical devices, special emphasis is put on the work of patients with psychologists through personal and group sessions. In personal therapies, patients get rid of all the phobias they have, while group therapies serve to work together towards finding a way out of the problem. Psychotherapy is also applied together with family members, where all existing interpersonal conflicts are eliminated, which creates a good basis for long-term success.

Aversive therapy, that is, creating aversion to bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles, is implemented at the very end. Then another barrier is created that eliminates the possibility of relapse. Upon completion of this procedure, individuals are able to critically observe their behavior and eliminate habits that may again tempt them.

The best evidence of our quality is reflected in patients impressions after treatment

The happy life of our patients away from the clutches of addiction is our priority. Over the years, using revolutionary methods and with the help of new discoveries in the field of addiction treatment, our success rate has reached 92%. Of course, we still believe there is room for advancements, so we send our experts to conferences around the globe and then implement the knowledge gained to achieve better results.

Upon completion of treatment at Dr Vorobiev clinic, many of our patients decide to share their experiences via video messages. In these segments, you can hear more about their journey to a healthy life, including opinions on the procedures our experts carry out. With our help, you will be able to get rid of your life-destroying addiction.

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