Many individuals believe that addicts are social outcasts, and that treatment of addicts almost never brings the desired results. Both of these claims are untrue. Even the most prominent members of communities can develop a problem with this disorder. Also, if during treatment the latest methods and procedures are applied, full recovery becomes certainly achievable.

Of course, the best results are achieved if the addict himself has a strong desire for recovery, support from family members and friends and is willing to follow the advice and adhere to the therapy prescribed by our medical experts.

Treatment of addicts is almost impossible to do at home

The onset of addiction completely changes a person’s life priorities. Suddenly, the need for drugs becomes overwhelming and all other goals are less important. At first, while still struggling to conceal their own problem, addicts do everything in their power to fulfill their obligations. Of course, the problems deepen over time, and then concealment becomes impossible.

Even when confronted with the facts, many addicts will still deny the existence of the problem.
Some will do so out of fear of consequences, others because of the pride they feel or the desire not to disappoint their loved ones. Lastly, if the drug use is not completely stopped, physical and mental decay occurs sooner or later.

Treatment of addicts: Treatments and procedures that lead to a full recovery dr vorobjev

Doing everyday tasks like going to work seems like a punishment, so individuals often choose to neglect their obligations completely, ignoring the consequences. Of course, although at first this kind of behavior is somewhat tolerated, unless a radical change in priorities is made, they lose their job and end financially ruined. During this time, the need for drug or alcohol increases, so problems get a new

Unfortunately, the desire to use toxic substances does not go away so easily, so the need for money
is greater than ever. It can lead people to turn to a life of crime as a source of easy income. They sell property, spend savings and shamelessly betray the closest people. Therefore, many addicts are considered morally dubious without control over their own urges. Only refraining from narcotics and alcohol cannot bring about a complete change in mindset that is necessary. Treatment at a specialist clinic is the only solution that leads to desired results.

The reward system and its role in the development of addiction

The constant obsessive search for euphoria that comes with the use of psychoactive substances is
a major characteristic of addictive disorders. The reward system is one of the main evolutionary mechanisms that are responsible for the development of the human species. Repeating behavior patterns leading to positive reactions is the key to success in many situations.

However, the use of psychoactive substances completely disrupts the natural setting of this system.
Drugs and alcohol produce rewards without previous effort and are a shortcut to having fun for many people. Certainly, substance use brings a number of consequences. With constant use of drugs, the need for food, healthy sleep and even human contact fades away, or disappears completely. As a consequence, there is a sudden weight loss and reduced immunity. So most addicts are prone to developing numerous infections and so-called accompanied diseases.

With addiction, people keep coming back to bad habits, almost automatically. Even after a certain period of abstinence, they believe a single take cannot harm their progress. Therefore, it often happens that they give up in difficult moments. Once it happens, the problems come back more pronounced than ever before.

Treatment of addicts: Treatments and procedures that lead to a full recovery dr vorobjev

In situations when reward in the form of psychoactive substance is not readily available, individuals are able to do anything to reach the state of bliss once again. Advice and criticism of their loved ones do not elicit emotional reactions, the only thing on their mind is accomplishing the current goal.

In order to change this state of mind, it is necessary to restore the disturbed will mechanisms and the natural hormonal balance. This is only possible to achieve through the use of medical devices and pharmacotherapy, under constant medical supervision.

Procedures that guarantee recovery of addicts and provide them the fastest body recovery

Physical recovery of the body is a priority during the first phase of treatment. Only when the person regains vitality, and all traces of psychoactive substances are eliminated from the body, can
implementation of mental addiction treatment methods be approached. As a result, the first procedure to be performed at admission of patients to Dr Vorobiev clinic is a detailed diagnosis.

Diagnostics – the initial stage of treatment during which all health parameters of the patient are examined. With the help of advanced medical tests, the amount of substance in the body, level of desire for treatment, presence of existing diseases are determined and many tests are performed in order
get the picture of the complete condition of the body.

If the tests show some deviation from expected, contacting other professionals in the field of addiction treatment is possible for the purpose of achieving a fast recovery. Upon making a diagnosis, the experts approach developing treatment programs. Each therapy plan is made with regard to individual patient needs. This type of treatment produces the fastest results and provides the patients with the best chance of maintaining the achieved results in the future.

Removal of harmful substances from the body – Even in case the patient did not take harmful substances for a few days before arriving at the clinic, chances are that certain traces of toxins remain in the blood or vital organs. For this reason, at Dr Vorobiev clinic, immediately after diagnostics we move on to the next procedure. Detoxification, or simply removal of harmful substances from the body, is a necessary factor for treatment.

Our medical staff is trained to carry out the latest treatment procedures, known as ultra-rapid detox. During this treatment, all traces of the toxin are removed from the body, which significantly speeds up the recovery.

All elements of withdrawal, also known as the physical crisis, are overcome in the state of sleep. The
procedure itself takes only a few hours. Depending on the case, the number of necessary treatments varies too. Unlike with home detox, using medication and modern procedures minimizes all elements of the crisis

Eliminating the desire to return to bad habits

Treatment of addicts begins with the removal of psychoactive substances from the body. To
ensure success even after leaving the clinic, the next step in treatment is taken. Removing desire for repeating harmful patterns of behavior is the key to long-term success. For that reason, treatment of addicts at Dr Vorobiev clinic ends with these extremely important procedures.

Use of modern medical devices – Following discoveries in the field of addiction treatment and with the implementation of modern medical devices, we have improved the success rate to the highest possible level. With methods such as Neuro jet and transair therapy, accelerated body recovery is achieved within the shortest possible term.

Psychotherapy – Through conversations with our psychotherapists, patients manage to cope with all the elements of the crisis and make a firm decision to persist in the fight against addiction.

Treatment of addicts: Treatments and procedures that lead to a full recovery dr vorobjev

Ibogaine and Ayahuasca treatments – Through revolutionary addiction treatment methods, we restore in patients their disturbed peace of mind and encourage their desire for healing. After these therapies,
the desire to return to vices disappears. Therefore, drugs, alcohol, gambling and other harmful forms of behavior remain trapped in the past and individuals are given the chance to turn to healthy lifestyle.

Pharmacotherapy – With medication prescribed by our medical staff, the path to complete recovery becomes much simpler. Impaired immune protection mechanisms and hormone production are restored, thus preventing irritability and tension, which could otherwise lead to relapse.

Active blockade of opioid receptors is also a part of pharmacotherapy. After these procedures, patients are unable to feel the effects of psychoactive substances. Therefore, continued use becomes completely meaningless. In the worst case, acute poisoning can occur, which is life-threatening.

At Dr Vorobiev clinic, we provide support to patients one year after the end of treatment. With regular monthly check-ups, daily advice from our doctors and prescribed pharmacotherapy, achieving long-term success is at your fingertips.

Take the first step and solve your problems with treatments at international clinic for addiction treatment Dr Vorobiev.

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