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Ultra-rapid detoxification

razmak dr vorobjev

Ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UROD) is a very modern and highly effective drug detoxification method.

Ultra-rapid detoxification is an increasingly popular detoxification method because of its advantages over the traditional method. Self-withdrawal is a very painful and dangerous process. Therefore, this treatment must be done in an institution so that the patient can be under the constant supervision of a doctor.

UROD has proven to be an extremely efficient method aimed at accelerating the process of body purification and at the same time reducing or shortening the intensity of unpleasant crisis symptoms. It is performed when the diagnosis finds no contraindications for this type of detoxification.

During ultra-rapid detoxification, the patient is under anesthesia for 6 to 8 hours during the day; opiate antagonists are gradually introduced, usually Naloxone or Naltrexone, and in this way, opiates are eliminated from receptors.

Ultra rapidna detoksikacija - odvikavanje bolesti zavisnosti - Dr Vorobjev

Advantages of ultra-rapid detoxification

The essence of ultra-rapid detoxification is that the patient overcomes most of the crisis symptoms while asleep when he does not feel any pain. When the patient wakes up after anesthesia, the strongest part of the crisis has already passed.

Even if after waking up there are some minimal symptoms of the crisis remained, their intensity is significantly lowered and can easily be eliminated by traditional non-opioid analgesics. During the detoxification process, it is usually necessary for the patient to go through two or three such procedures.

Self-withdrawal from opiates is very dangerous

Attempts to quit opiates on your own, without medical help, cause severe physical and mental changes.

Nausea, diarrhea, running nose, watery eyes, abdominal sweating, muscle twitching, and other unpleasant symptoms are reported. High fever, rapid breathing, and high blood pressure make the detoxification process unbearable.

During ultra-rapid detoxification, patients are under 24-hour supervision

Many addicts do not stop using opiates because they are afraid of the crisis, but with the help of ultra-rapid detoxification, it is painless and very well tolerated.

Because of all the above, it is clear that ultra-rapid detoxification is the best option for all long-term methadone, morphine sulfate, Oxycontin, and Substitol addicts. The duration of the crisis physical symptoms is 3 to 4 weeks, which is very long. Ultra-rapid detoxification is successful as it is a quick and painless way to avoid severe physical and psychological symptoms of the crisis one has to pass anyway.

Dr Vorobjev - bolnica za odvikavanje bolesti zavisnosti - Ultra rapidna detoksikacija

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razmak dr vorobjev

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