Treatment of psychological addiction

Lečenje psihičke zavisnosti

Treatment of psychological addiction is the only way to get rid of the problem for good.

Each human being is unique, and each addiction is different, especially if you have in mind the many types of psychoactive substances. However, the treatment of drug addiction recognizes the characteristic symptoms that point to the problem.

Namely, the abuse of tablets and illegal substances creates physical and psychological addiction. Physical addiction is, in fact, the tissue getting used to the drug, so the body needs a daily concentration of the substance in the blood to function “normally.”

Unlike it, psychological addiction is associated with the feeling the substance creates. Since it affects the hormones of happiness in the brain, the desire to recreate the same pleasure and pleasant mood is developed already after the first dose. Over time, the person starts to entirely rely on the psychoactive substance, as he feels complete only when entering his daily dose.

Addiction is a severe problem that you cannot fight on your own; it requires professional help.

Why is it important to treat psychological addiction?

Today, there are over 29 million registered people suffering from addictions. Of these, 14% are HIV positive, which is just one of the reasons why the treatment of psychological addiction is mandatory.

Also, the mortality rate resulting from the abuse of psychoactive substances amounts to over 200,000 reported deaths. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime research, this is a devastating fact, since adequate treatment can prevent fatal outcome in time. They primarily refer to treating addiction to heroin. Although there are many new types, heroin remains “the deadliest drug.”

Lečenje psihičke zavisnosti

Even if it does not result in death, let’s not forget that the use of drugs leads to damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood vessels. Then there are psychological problems such as depression, various psychoses, mood swings, decline in concentration. It is precisely for this reason that the treatment of psychological addiction is an essential step in rehabilitation.

What does the treatment of psychological addiction cover?

The development of science has influenced the creation of many methods for treating psychological addiction. Of these, THC aversive procedure stands out by the degree of success.

Although aversive therapy is one of the older ones, it provides the maximum effect. It is based on certain medications and devices that connect inappropriate behaviors with aversive pleasures. In this way, physiological aversion and resistance to a substance that was once the center of your life is developed. In addition to eliminating drug addiction, this therapy is also significant in alcohol addiction treatment.

Prometa Swiss Protocol is a special program developed by Spanish psychologist Juan Jose Legarda. It is intended to treat addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and methamphetamine, while it has no effect with opiates.

Prometa method includes three medicines that are officially approved by the World Food and Drug Administration. Thanks to them, symptoms of the crisis, such as anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and unease are reduced to an acceptable level. At the same time, the treatment restores the disturbed balance of neuromediators in the brain, so the need for taking drugs disappears. The program is conducted exclusively by doctors who have passed the Prometa Swiss Protocol training, which makes Dr Vorobjev clinic stand out from others.

Pharmacohypnosis is a special method in the treatment of psychological addiction. It involves the effect of psychotherapy on the subconscious level aimed at eliminating the need for taking detrimental substances and forming healthy thinking patterns.

The unique treatment of psychological addiction at the Dr Vorobjev clinic

Dr Vorobjev clinic is unique when it comes to the treatment of addictive disorders using Ibogaine. This natural substance provides the fastest, safest, and most efficient therapy.

Ibogaine affects serotonin and dopamine that are crucial for the development of addiction. The patient realizes the negative side of the use of psychoactive substances, so his consciousness thus resets.

Ibogaine therapy has multiple effects. It not only removes the effects of addiction but also restores nerve cells and the entire body. The forgotten emotions, smells, tastes, memories, and the desire to get back to normal life are returned.

Just like every other treatment, this treatment of psychological addiction is individual and performed exclusively in hospital conditions by the professional staff of Dr Vorobjev clinic.

The importance of psychotherapy in the treatment of psychological addiction

Treatment of psychological addiction is a complex process. Psychotherapy is necessary to avoid the risk of relapse. Its goal is to discover the real source of the problem, i.e., the reasons that led to addiction

As support for the loved one during and after rehabilitation has a major impact on the outcome of treatment, all family members must be involved in psychotherapy. Through conversation with a psychotherapist, with joined forces, the existing conflicts that have caused addiction and deeper problems in interpersonal relationships can be resolved.

Lečenje psihičke zavisnosti

Eminent experts of Dr Vorobjev clinic pay special attention to family therapy and work with patients after detoxification and the elimination of the symptoms of addiction. In our country, the treatment does not end with leaving the hospital. We are here for everyone to help them deal with subsequent challenges. Excellent experience and the most effective treatments make up this unique approach recognized by our, now cured, patients from all over the world.

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