Treatment of gambling addiction

Lečenje zavisnosti od kocke

Treatment of gambling addiction at Dr Vorobjev Clinic is the best solution for your problem.

Modern society has brought great technology development. The age of the Internet, mobile phones, laptops has facilitated the daily functioning of the man, but also brought some new concerns such as Internet addiction, shopaholism to light, while raising gambling to a higher level.

Namely, an increasing number of betting shops and casinos, as well as online betting, have become available to all, yet still insufficiently recognized as potential hazards. The result of their expansion has led to an increase in the number of people who seek for gambling addiction treatments.

Although it seems to be a modern form of addiction, due to an increased number of registered cases, gambling has existed since ancient times. The first traces of gambling were found in the Paleolithic era. In China, gambling houses were widespread in the first millennium BC, and animal fighting was quite common. Card games were developed in the 9th century, while the lottery became interesting to the Chinese in the following century. It is no wonder that many experts believe that China is the country from which the gambling problem spread to all other parts of the world.

Treatment of gambling addiction includes all generations

Gambling can be divided into three groups. Social gambling is recreational gambling, which leaves no consequences. Professional gambling is associated with skilled and disciplined persons to whom it is a job. Problem gambling affects the quality of life of both the individual and his family.

Lečenje zavisnosti od kocke

Unfortunately, statistics show that gambling addiction is a problem of all generations. Usually, young people met gambling the first time in adolescence only to develop addiction already in their twenties.

The causes of the problem are a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. The genetic predisposition plays an important role, although gambling is thought to be a basically psychological problem. That is, the desire to reduce tension. It is caused by a trauma or an emotional event, such as depression, loneliness, lack of self-confidence, dissatisfaction, and even a sense of guilt.

Also, gambling addiction is more often developed in people whose parents have the same problem, just like when alcoholism is present in the family.

Treatment of gambling addiction will eliminate negative consequences

Just as the symptoms of heroin addiction are considered to be the most severe among those of illegal substances, gambling is considered to be the most severe form of non-chemical addiction, which only confirms the fact that professional treatment is necessary.

Preoccupation with gambling and the need for growing amounts of money +clearly indicate that there is a problem. They are followed by nervousness, loss of control, restlessness. Changes in behavior lead to lying, distorted thinking, and denial. Consequently, family and romantic relationships are impaired, and the person loses his job.

Treatment of gambling addiction at Dr Vorobjev Clinic

The first step in solving pathological gambling is to become aware of the problem. This creates the possibility of reacting and preventing further development.

Treatment of gambling addiction at Dr Vorobjev clinic is of individual nature. Based on a general examination of the physical and psychological condition of the patient, eminent doctors determine the treatment program.

Pharmacotherapy is used to stabilize the psychological condition of the patient. This eliminates nervousness, tension, depression. Only when the balance is established, one can move to the next stage. It includes the treatment with medical devices. Namely, Neuro Jet is a device that affects the nerve cells in the brain responsible for the secretion of dopamine and endorphin, i.e., development of addiction. The therapy is entirely safe. The computer-controlled impulses produced by the device cause mild vibrations.

Transair therapy is a neurophysiological method that corrects behavioral disorders, will and pathological desire for gambling.

Lečenje zavisnosti od kocke

The importance of psychotherapy is vast in the treatment of gambling. Individual therapy helps the patient to cope with stress and life challenges without vices, and to maintain normal relationships with other people. Educational therapy reveals the primary problem that has led to addiction. At the same time, the patient learns about the negative consequences of the disease, while family therapy addresses conflicts and relationships between all family members.

In order for the patient to be completely rehabilitated, our expert team conducts inpatient treatment. Regular follow-ups, as well as support at any moment, help the patient to deal with all the problems getting him back to normal life.

During the 14-day treatment at Dr Vorobjev clinic, patients are provided with complete comfort and safety. Our certified anesthetists, psychiatrists, and psychologists with years of experience are available for 24 hours. If necessary, we also provide patient transport from the airport or station to the hospital and back.

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