Treatment of gambling addiction

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For many people, gambling is a way of entertainment, and they see nothing bad in it. However, this line is easily crossed, and the man begins to lose not only money but also mental health. This is a sign that gambling addiction has developed and that treatment is needed

Gamblers do not realize that losing is the rule, and winning is an exception.

Gamblers want to recover the lost money and make up for the loss for they feel powerful and successful. This is the so-called passion for gambling followed by a gambling trance, in which the state of awareness is altered, and people forget about the world around them. It does not matter how much have they already lost; they place new bets and so on.

Gamblers believe that the luck will be on their side next time and that they can win. They lie to family and friends, borrow money, sell things, and get loans. They are always out of the house and explain this by obligations at work, and they become incredibly manipulative. Of course, the family eventually discovers this, although serious financial problems have already occurred by then. The result of gambling is huge debts, family breakdown, the breakup of significant friendships, loss of reputation, the inclination to criminal behavior, or even suicide attempts.

Gambling additions stages

  1. Loss of control during gambling – this is what distinguishes a gambler from an ordinary man, as in the gambler things get out of control, and he gambles for adrenaline, not money. Since he cannot always win, even when he loses, he continues to gamble, in order to feel successful again. The only obstacle to this is the exhaustion of funds that prevent him from staying in the game.
  2. Development of psychological addiction – an intense inflow of adrenaline is for the gambler the same as alcohol or drugs for addicts, and he uses every opportunity to get into a casino, and there he continually wastes time and money. He spent less and less time with his family and justifies this by overtime work. He starts using the money solely for gambling and completely ignores other living expenses such as utilities, food, and clothing.
  3. Crisis – the gambler is obsessed with gambling, and he starts to feel a psychological crisis, he feels bad, sleepy, nervous, irritable, and his mood continually changes. Debts are piling up, and at one point the gambler confesses all to his family. They help him and get a loan to pay off debts, and the gambler promises to stop gambling, but that does not happen, because to him, life without gambling is not exciting. After a while, he returns to gambling, and the situation is repeated.
  4. The stage of despair – hunger for gambling reaches enormous proportions, and the gambler begins to sell valuable things or uses business money. This results in depression, regret, and constant stress that push the gambler to turn to alcohol, drugs, or pills, or even have suicidal thoughts. People most often approach us for help when they come to this stage of addiction.
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Treatment of gambling addiction – phases

The primary goal is to eliminate the obsessive need to experience gambling trance, then regain control over emotions and behavior, stabilize the mental state and reduce nervousness, irritability and mood swings, as well as normalize sleep.

Phases in treatment are the following:

  1. Diagnostics – the first and significant phase of treatment during which the physical and psychological state of the patient is assessed. The standard diagnostic examination for physical condition assessment includes:
  • urine test,
  • tests for hepatitis B and C, HIV infection,
  • general blood analysis,
  • blood biochemical testing,
  • ECG,
  • an internist examination.

The standard diagnostic examination for assessing the psychological condition involves psychodiagnostics (psychological tests are used to determine the level of addiction, the consequences of the use of substances on mental health, to detect the signs of psychological disorders, the presence of depression, the degree of motivation for healing). Having made the diagnosis, the team of doctors examines the findings and develops treatment strategy and plan. If there are risk factors or some chronic illness, additional tests are carried out, and therapy is prescribed. It is possible to do MRT, EEG, ultrasound, X-ray, endoscopy, medicine, and drug concentration analysis, cardiac examination, neurological examination, endocrinological examination … These are all additional tests that are not included in the package price.

  1. Pharmacotherapy – at the beginning of treatment, it is necessary to stabilize the mental state of the patient pharmacologically. Medications help to establish balance, eliminate nervousness, tension, depression, etc. After the patient is brought into a state in which he adequately accepts, analyzes, and reacts to the environment, he moves to the next stage.
  2. Treatment with medical devices – Neuro-Jet therapy belongs to methods that influence the nerve cells in the brain responsible for the secretion of endorphin using special impulses. Neuro Jet is a small electronic device that regulates the production of dopamine and endorphin, and the stimulation itself is painless. The only sensations are tickling and vibrations, while the frequency and intensity of the impulse are computer-controlled. Transair therapy provides normalization of functions of the left and right brain hemisphere and is a neurophysiological method used to correct behavioral disorders, will disorders, and eliminate the pathological desire for gambling.
  3. Psychotherapy – we offer several types of psychotherapy: Individual psychotherapy refers to the individual work of the therapist with the patient. The therapist teaches the patient how to endure stress and live with it, how to preserve his integrity and establish and maintain normal relationships with other people. With the help of a therapist, the patient keeps a plan of daily activities that he adheres to during the outpatient phase of treatment. Educational psychotherapy – used to reveal the causes of the disorder, and with its help the patients break illusions about the disorders, they are explained the physical, psychological, social and professional consequences, and the rules of behavior while in withdrawal. The patients also watch special films about the effects of gambling. Group psychotherapy – the therapist works with a group of patients to help them resolve internal conflicts, eliminate tension, and correct behavioral disorders. In this way, they realize that they are not alone and that their problems are solvable. Family psychotherapy – a significant method by which the therapist works with the patient’s family. It is an unwritten rule that family members are co-addicts. Family psychotherapy is a method of psychological counseling focused on solving problems in family relationships and resolving conflicts that exist among family members.
  4. Treating psychological addiction using pharmacohypnosis – Ibogaine, upon the doctor’s recommendation.
  5. Out-patient treatment – this phase follows after leaving the hospital and lasts up to 12 months. It includes regular monthly follow-ups and ongoing support. It is important to stay in touch with doctors to get the necessary advice or help.

Duration of treatment

The treatment lasts for 14 days.

In case of a need, we also offer transport of patients from the airport or the station to the hospital and back. We help foreign patients receive a visa if they need it, and if they have company, they too can stay in the hospital.

Our professional staff is available to patients 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our doctors are certified anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists with 10 to 25 years of experience. Your safety and security is our priority, the facility is under video surveillance, and the hired security guard takes care of it.

With our help, prove to yourself and others that you are stronger than gambling addiction and regain control over your life.

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