Treatment of drug addiction – a chance for a new beginning

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Drug addiction is an addiction to psychoactive substances that manifests itself as repetitive drug use. This leads to extremely negative and long-lasting consequences, both physically and psychologically.

Our Dr Vorobjev clinic has the necessary expertise and experience in the treatment of drug addiction. With our help, you can get rid of any addiction and regain control over your life.

How to recognize drug addiction?

Drug addiction is characteristic of the existence of an insatiable desire to take drugs which must be got at all costs. Over time, higher amounts of a substance are needed to feel the desired effects, and the consequence of it all is the development of addiction that ultimately needs to be treated.

Addiction can be psychological and physical or both, and if a person suddenly stops with drug consumption, he falls into a crisis that is extremely unpleasant and difficult to bear without professional help.

Addicts are recognized for often exhibiting drastic changes in behavior, hanging out with people similar to themselves and moving around circles where the drug is shared, and consumption is a common thing. They neglect obligations, often borrow money or even steal, and lies become part of their everyday lives. They often participate in criminal activities, such as theft and robbery.

Life is starting to lose its meaning all the more because the only important thing is to get the drug, which often leads to tragic outcomes.

That is why the treatment of drug addiction is crucial; it represents a chance for a new beginning.

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How one develops drug addiction?

When it comes to drug abuse, most often there are phases which each addict goes through.

The first phase is characterized by curiosity and insufficient information about psychoactive substances.

In the second phase, people have the first contact with drugs. Usually, they believe it is not a big deal and cannot endanger their health.

The third phase is a phase of experimentation, in which people actively use drugs to feel their full effects.

In the fourth phase, there is a pronounced desire for and abuse of drugs. There is a change in the relationship towards a psychoactive substance that begins to be used more and more often and is no longer related only to social situations. The addict increasingly loses contact with his past life and comes to neglecting family and social obligations.

In the fifth phase, the addict is preoccupied with drugs and loses control of his behavior. All activities undertaken are directed towards getting the substance and failing to do so leads to a crisis.

Over time, it happens that people are turning to more severe drugs, their physical and mental condition decays, and it is increasingly difficult for them to get out of this “vicious circle.”

Treatment of drug addiction at our clinic helps even the heaviest addicts to remove psychoactive substances from their lives completely.

Treatment of drug addiction at our clinic

Our Dr Vorobjev clinic is known for successful treatment of addictive disorders. In addition to treating addiction to drugs, we successfully treat gambling addiction, alcoholism, pill abuse, etc.

Our employees are top experts who can help you get rid of any addiction and overcome the psychological problems of your life.

The procedures we apply keep up with the world trends, and we have the state-of-the-art medical equipment to monitor your condition closely. Our treatments are adapted to each patient individually to achieve maximum success in treatment.

With your will and desire and our help, you will succeed in overcoming drug addiction once and for all.

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