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Treatment of addiction with Ibogaine

Lečenje bolesti zavisnosti pomoću Ibogaina

Treatment of addictive disorders with Ibogaine yields the best results.

Modern society has brought great changes and unexpected relationships in different socio-economic environments. Numerous obligations and constant pressure for proving oneself at work and in society have contributed to constant exposure to stress, but also alienation among people. Sometimes a harmonious community shows signs of instability and poor communication, so tablet abuse and alcoholism in the family are no longer rare, while the development of technology has contributed to launching new, synthetic drugs that have become available to all due to a favorable price. Also, the age of the Internet and mobile phones has brought about new forms of addictive disorders.

Unfortunately, research shows a growing trend of addiction, especially in younger generations. Considering that this is a serious global social and medical problem, Dr Vorobjev clinic draws your attention to the importance of treating addictive disorders with Ibogaine.

Causes that lead to addictive disorders

Psychoactive substance addiction almost always leads to the abyss, distances people from their family, disturbs relationships in society and as such, requires treatment by professionals.

Regardless of the type of addiction, the factors for development are divided into three groups.

Lečenje bolesti zavisnosti pomoću Ibogaina

Family environment is crucial to the development of the problem. Namely, if alcoholism, substance abuse, or gambling addiction are present with a member, they will likely be transferred to children. According to research, as many as 2/3 of children from these families develop the same behavior as their parents. However, the lack of communication, as well as the failure to solve problems with children, can lead to developing addictive disorders.

In addition to the family, social factors have a great influence too. They are primarily associated with the adolescence when children are the most vulnerable and most likely to be adversely affected by the harmful effects of the environment. However, the economic crisis, poverty, social isolation, as well as certain social rules a person cannot cope with can be the cause of the problem even in mature age.

It should be borne in mind that the development of some types of addiction is significantly influenced by the very characteristics of the individual, as a third group of factors.

When is it necessary to treat addictive disorder with Ibogaine?

Regardless of the addiction, the symptoms the patient shows are the same. Frequent and sudden mood changes are the first sign of a problem. They are usually accompanied by changes in weight, energy, sleep problems.

Addictive disorders are also followed by changing friends, urgent, unexplained going outs, but even isolation and retreat into oneself.

Treatment of addictive disorders with Ibogaine is the most effective method for eliminating the psychological aspect of the problem.

There must be a motivation to face the problem. In many cases, even when the treatment is started, patients soon give up and return to old habits.

The first step is detoxification. It involves a special treatment that accelerates the release of the addictive substance from the body and alleviates the crisis. Patients think that treatment is completed with this. But the establishment of physical abstinence is the basis for the treatment of psyche and work on behavior change.

In this part, a significant role is played by the treatment of addictive disorder with Ibogaine. This therapy allows the patient to change perception, blocking brain receptors that cause addiction. In this way, a person sees his life from a different point of view and becomes aware of the danger of the consequences of addiction. At the same time, the procedure provides confrontation with the suppressed cause that led to the development of the addictive disorder.

Self-treatment of addiction with Ibogaine is very dangerous

Ibogaine must be used under controlled conditions. Otherwise, if a higher dose or Ibogaine is taken, it can cause dangerous visions and severe disorders. It is not rare that people who try to cure drug addiction at one point take another psychoactive substance besides Ibogaine, which can lead to fatal consequences.

Lečenje bolesti zavisnosti pomoću Ibogaina

That is why the treatment of addiction with Ibogaine at Dr Vorobjev is medically verified. In other words, only natural Ibogaine is used, and the procedure plan is individual. The therapy involves constant supervision not only of a specialist but also of psychologists who help the addict return to normal life.

Even when the treatment of addictive disorder with Ibogaine is completed, the psychotherapeutic work of our professional team continues with regular contact and follow-ups to provide support and help to the patient at possible difficult moments.

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