Signs of heroin addiction

Signs of heroin addiction

Signs of heroin addiction have been known for over 100 years.

Heroin is one of the strongest substances ever discovered. Although many try it out of curiosity, they very quickly get drawn into the vicious cycle of regular use. Experts point out that heroin addiction develops in just 3 weeks. That is, you only need to take this drug 10 times for the signs of heroin addiction to be exhibited.

Heroin is administered in a variety of ways – by snorting, smoking, inhaling fumes from foil, or injecting into vein. In the body, it almost instantly transforms into morphine that binds to brain receptors. These receptors, in turn, control the perception of pain and the reward system. Under the influence of heroin, the pain disappears, and the influx of pleasant emotions intensifies.

If treatment for heroin addiction is not started in time, the problem becomes chronic. With it comes an increase in tolerance. It results in severe symptoms of physical dependence and affects mental health. This is confirmed by the latest statistics. Namely, heroin overdose death rate has increased five-fold in the last decade.


Keeping in mind that this drug is used by over 9.2 million people worldwide, Dr Vorobiev clinic points you to the most recognizable symptoms of heroin addiction.

Early signs of heroin addiction

Initially, signs of heroin addiction are related to behavior. Once a social person, your loved one isolates himself more and more, becomes secretive, only to make brand new friends and introduce new words into his vocabulary very quickly.

Also, their dressing habits change. As heroin is usually injected intravenously, users of this drug wear trousers and long-sleeve shirts at all times of the year, even in hot weather. In this way, they try to hide the scars and bruises from injection spots. Using large quantities of perfume, fresheners and scented candles in the room is another way to hide consumption.

Suspicious behavior is accompanied by a lack of money. He is likely to start borrowing from you or selling his valuables.

Signs of heroin addiction reflected on health

The influence of heroin cannot be hidden. In addition to the current sense of euphoria and pleasure, they exhibit narrowed consciousness, frequent nodding and drowsiness.

As this drug lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate, the skin does not receive enough blood. The addict turns yellow and his face looks old, sunken. Vomiting and nausea need not be signs of a stomach virus. Especially if they occur frequently. In that case, they may indicate a more serious problem.


Long-term use impairs health, so signs of heroin addiction should not be ignored. Reduced appetite results in a dramatic weight loss. This change is usually sudden. Although it is not uncommon for a drug addict to forget to eat or decide to use money intended for food to get a new dose.

Chronic congestion leads to chronic lung problems such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung abscess. More than half of the cases develop constipation.

Heroin reduces the secretion of saliva. As a consequence of hypo-salivation, dry mouth syndrome has a negative effect on the oral cavity condition. People who suffer from addiction can also be recognized for their very bad, rotten teeth, bleeding gums…

Signs of heroin addiction also depend on the route of administration. Someone who smokes heroin will have damaged oral mucosa, as well as traces of burns on the mouth or fingers. Nasal bleeding is often with shorting, and in addition to leaving marks, intravenous consumption leads to vein problems.

Addiction signs that indicate a change in character

The main goal of a person using heroin comes down to satisfying physical and psychological dependence. Lack of motivation and sense of responsibility are noted in all other aspects. This lifestyle has a negative impact on work and schooling.

Addiction is also recognized by sudden mood swings, including violent behavior. We are sure that at one point, you will catch the dear person in a lie. In an effort to cover up the problem, these individuals increasingly fall into the vicious circle of false excuses.


If you have noticed any of these symptoms with a family member, seek the help of Dr Vorobiev clinic’s expert team. Together, we will motivate your loved one to report for heroin addiction treatment because with us there is no fear of dealing with addiction.

Complete heroin withdrawal is done using modern addiction treatment methods and with constant supervision of world-renowned physicians and psychiatrists. Not only will you successfully defeat the disease, but you will not feel the pain and other harmful effects of getting rid of addiction during treatment.

At Dr Vorobiev clinic, addiction can be beaten. This is evidenced by the thousands of fully rehabilitated and re-socialized patients.

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