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How does cocaine affect our health?


Physical appearance

Zavisnik od kokaina - Dr Vorobjev

Amy was first arrested in 2003 at the age of 25 for a physical attack, and several times more for stealing and credit card frauds. Last year she was arrested for possessing meth. She had nine kilograms less than her first arrest ten years earlier.

Cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system is first affected and manifests damage through elevated pressure, elevated body temperature, arrhythmias, and heart attacks. Use of cocaine can lead to death in heart failure.

Kardiovaskularni sistem - Dr Vorobjev
Dr Vorobjev - Kardiovaskularni sistem
Dr Vorobjev - Kardiovaskularni sistem

Lung diseases, liver damage, sense of smell disorders

Respiratory system – such as chest pain and respiratory failure which can result in death.

Oštećenje jetre - Dr Vorobjev
Plućna oboljenja - Dr Vorobjev

Damage to sense of smell, nasal bleeding, nasal irritation which can lead to chronic inflammation and damage to the nasal septum.

Oštećenje čula mirisa - Dr Vorobjev

Cocaine overdose

Cocaine overdose – high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, fever, headache, unusual body movements. Possible death in severe cases, as well as in case of an allergic reaction to mixtures in cocaine.

After combined cocaine and alcohol taking, the body forms an even more toxic compound whose effect is more prolonged and more harmful – cocaethylene.

Kokainski ovedrose - Dr Vorobjev
Kombinovano uzimanje alkohola i kokaina - Dr Vorobjev

Psychological effects of cocaine abuse

Damage to mental functions

  • concentration and memory become poor
  • thinking is difficult and slow
  • intelligence decreases, earlier knowledge decreases
  • mood swings
  • will and urges decrease
Posledice zloupotrebe kokaina - Dr Vorobjev


Almost obligatorily present psychiatric disorder after prolonged stimulants taking. Depression can be severely intense and deep, leading even to attempted suicide. However, it can also be transient, but with a degree of sorrow, emptiness, and tension remaining for several months.

Depresija od kokaina - Dr Vorobjev

Social consequences

1.Family consequences:


  • Disturbed communication (quarreling, avoiding conversation, ignoring)
  • Emotional relationships in the family become unstable
  • The family falls into growing financial problems
  • Family roles are disturbed
  • Social relationships deform


  • Early separation from the family
  • Quarrels
  • Physical violence
  • Arriving home late, or not coming home for a few days
  • Failure to fulfill usual family obligations
  • Secretiveness
  • Destructive behavior
  • Money or other valuable things from home disappear
  • Irresponsibility, dishonesty, lies, and manipulation with other members
  • Retreating into oneself, or one’s own room
  • Inconsistency

2. Criminal consequences

  • Stealing things from the family or closest environment
  • Selling personal items
  • Stealing various things: jewelry, clothing, cars, etc. to sell them at a much lower value or exchange directly for drugs
  • Drug dealing
  • Prostitution
  • Direct stealing of drugs

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