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Phobias and fears – Treatment at Dr Vorobjev clinic

phobias and fears

Phobias and fears are an integral part of modern life.
There is no person in the world who did not face restlessness, trepidation and worry at some point in his life. As we are all afraid of something, whether it is the fear of losing a loved one, illness, or taking an exam and the first day of work.
In fact, phobias and fears have existed since ancient times. They have been following man throughout history. They were treated by sorcerers, shamans, priests, doctors, psychiatrists … Over time, many of them disappear on their own, but new ones appear, in accordance with age. While most of them are justified, there are also those that are unrealistic, subconscious, affecting quality of life. It is within this boundary that the difference between a harmless problem and a serious mental state lies.

What are phobias and fears is revealed to you by Dr Vorobjev

Phobias and fears are often equated

Phobias and fears are two different concepts. Fear is a normal emotion to a threat from the environment. Experts point out that it is a healthy reaction of our body that protects us. That is, fears prevent us from entering life-threatening situations.
Phobias are a particular type of fear that is tied to particular situations, objects, places, or activities. Unlike healthy fears, they are paralyzing. They are accompanied by various unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms, so they are treated as an anxiety disorder.
Namely, that it is not a matter of “normal” fear but a phobia is best indicated by the fact that daily activities are impaired. So, for example, the person who is afraid of the dentist feels tension, shivering, chills, but will still go for a check-up, while with dental phobia, panic attacks prevent the patient from approaching the dentist’s office or chair at all.
Although people who experience a phobia are aware that this fear is irrational and exaggerated, they cannot escape it. They allow it to define their lives.

They can occur at any age

Fears are present since birth. Most often they occur in childhood and are caused by a bad situation that then created misinformation in your mind. Phobias usually occur in adulthood and have no exact cause.

Fobije i strahovi
A group of scientists advocates a genetic predisposition for phobias. Others think they are innate, ie. that they are remnants of our evolutionary development. The third group emphasizes that these fears are acquired. Children, when growing up, adopt behavioral patterns from their parents. So if one of them has an irrational fear of something, it is very likely that child will develop it too.

Phobias can be simple and social

Simple or specific phobias are fears of specific objects or situations. The most famous of this group are the fear of flying, thunder, some animals (spider, snake, dog).
Social phobias, as the name implies, are related to certain social situations, such as fear of going out, meeting people, public speaking, etc.
No matter which group it is, the symptoms are the same. Recognizable physiological reactions are rapid heartbeat, sweating of the palms, dry mouth, muscle tension, shortness of breath, tightening of the vocal cords, trembling of the legs, arms or whole body, chest pain…
These symptoms manifest themselves within 3 seconds after confronting or thinking about the phobia.

How to overcome fears and phobias?

Dr Vorobjev clinic, which specializes in the treatment of addictive disorders, successfully eliminates phobias.
Using various therapies, world-renowned psychotherapists discover repressed conflicts that are the source of unrealistic fear.

Through an individuated approach, the patient is confronted with the cause of the problem by being gradually exposed to the object or situation that creates the phobia. Also, the importance of psychotherapy work at Dr Vorobjev clinic is reflected in helping the patient to objectively observe his phobia, its unjustifiability and irrationality, and then learning how to act in a critical situation.

Fobije i strahovi
Don’t miss out on many important things because of your fear, let Dr Vorobjev’s expert team return you full control over your own life. Visit us and see for yourself why this is the best clinic for drug addiction and mental problem treatment.


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