How important is post-treatment support?

Podrška nakon lečenja

Post-treatment support is necessary to develop, but also to preserve healthy living habits.

A growing number of people today face numerous problems, both in private and in business life. And while some manage to overcome them on their own, others, however, let problems break them. Their uncertainty often leads them to what seems the easiest way to overcome all the misery at that moment.

Unfortunately, this only deepens the problem. These people are not aware that a “more beautiful reality” leads to a deeper abyss of alcoholism, tablet abuse, and other forms of addiction. That is why they seek help at the last moment.

Each addiction, just like each patient, is specific. Although treatment is individual, there is a particular system that is applied. One of the steps is post-treatment support.

Post-treatment support as a last step towards the goal

There are two types of addiction treatment – inpatient and outpatient.

Inpatient treatment includes the elimination of physical addiction by detoxification. Special treatment is required to alleviate the crisis, which includes the 24-hour supervision by medical staff. However, eliminating physical addiction will have no effect if the patient does not show motivation and readiness for the more severe part of treatment, which is suppressing psychological addiction.

In Dr Vorobjev clinic, we apply addiction treatment with Ibogaine. This natural substance enters the subconscious, triggers suppressed emotions and develops an awareness of the consequences of addiction. Viewing life from another, objective perspective, patients have a desire to return to the right path.

For Ibogaine therapy to show maximum results, it has to be performed exclusively in hospital conditions. Throughout the process, the patient is monitored, with constant checking of the pulse, oxygen level, and heart rate.

Podrška nakon lečenja

It is not until his physical and mental state stabilizes that the patient is discharged from the clinic. But the treatment is not completed here. What follows is the outpatient part, i.e., post-treatment support, which is an important step towards complete rehabilitation.

Professional post-treatment support

According to a study, the rate of relapse ranges between 40 and 60 percent. It is post-treatment support that plays a major role in reducing the rate of return of addiction causers.

Psychotherapy provides the sustainability of a positive condition achieved during detoxification and stabilization. That is, the patient learns how to avoid situations that trigger the problem and how to resist the need to return to addiction. At the same time, the advice of psychologists and psychiatrists changes the lifestyle, so more attention is paid to preserving health and functioning in society.

In addition to psychotherapy, professional post-treatment support also includes the follow-up of physical condition. If necessary, prescribed therapy is adjusted.

Post-treatment support leads to returning to social life

An important part of rehabilitation is resocialization – return to society and a healthy environment. Since people with addictions are often “stigmatized” and misunderstood, they justifiably wonder: “Will people accept me after all?”. Fear of a new beginning will be best eliminated by a supportive atmosphere in the family.

Podrška nakon lečenja

That is why support for the loved one during and after rehabilitation is precious. Accusations about the patient’s past life should be left aside. Let them be replaced by praise for the changes made and focus on positive thinking. Knowing that he has the support of the closest ones, the patient will go through the period of adjustment more easily, not even think of giving up. The final result of resocialization is the establishment of not only permanent withdrawal and inclusion in social processes but also the return of work ability.

Every addictive disorder is curable if there is will. The professional team of Dr Vorobjev clinic will help you begin a new, healthy, and normal life!

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