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Alcoholism is a disease that equally affects all sections of society. Due to the easy availability and low cost of alcoholic beverages, this type of addiction is not easy to control. Alcoholics are often people with high social status, parents and leaders. Although they manage to hide the effects of their addiction on the world, the worst is passed on by their household.

People who consume less alcohol on a daily basis (a glass of brandy after getting up, at lunch and before bedtime) do not find it a problem. They do not have as prominent mood swings as alcoholics, do not make outbursts and are not prone to conflict, at least from their point of view.

On the other hand, those who take large amounts of drinks at once but do so at certain intervals (once a week) think that they are also not alcoholics. They do not drink constantly, they do not need alcohol to perform their daily functions, and occasionally consume it to relax and enjoy.

The situation is further aggravated by a society where no major celebration can be imagined without a toast. Likewise, drinking often requires the rescue of sadness or escape from the harsh everyday life. From all this we can conclude that alcohol is part of the culture. Non-drinkers may feel rejected by society, which is one of the significant reasons why the percentage of alcoholism among young people is so high.

Alcoholism in the family

The effects that alcoholism leaves on health

Alcoholism also causes a number of health problems, such as:

People who struggle with alcohol addiction and additional health problems are unable to take care of themselves, which then leads to changes in family roles. Spouses and children are then forced to take on additional responsibilities, and this leaves consequences for their psyche.

Alcoholism in the family 1

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Children often blame themselves for alcoholism in the family

Even while they do not yet understand the conversation between parents, children hear an elevated tone and feel increased aggression in the household. Unless he or she feels safe, the child will develop some problems with self-esteem and self-respect while growing up. Under the influence of alcohol, parents will be prone to extreme mood swings and the child will not know what to expect in such an environment.

Alkoholizam u porodici

He will often blame himself for the lack of parental love he feels. Over time, certain cognitive problems may occur due to the constant fear in which the child lives. Studies have shown that alcoholic children tend to make friends with peers, and are more prone to aggressive behavior.

And when they grow up, they have a hard time releasing feelings of guilt, which in many cases follow them throughout the rest of their lives. According to statistics, alcoholic children are 4 times more likely to develop a drinking problem themselves when they grow up.

Family therapy for the treatment of alcoholism

Alcoholism can also lead to many financial problems in the family. Under the influence of alcohol, people often disregard their business obligations completely. Also, they are usually prone to spending too much money, where only after sobering they realize what they have done. If this situations is not changed it may result in job loss, which puts all family members in an even more difficult situation.

Spouses then blame each other, and increasingly express their frustration at loved ones. Alcoholics feel constant tension and pressure to change as soon as possible. Unfortunately, since they are unwilling or unwilling to do so, they start lying and hiding their actions, and resent others for being put in that position. Quarrels often result in domestic violence and marital infidelities, which then increases the chances of divorce and family destruction.

Regardless of the type of therapy for treating alcoholism, the family always plays a significant role in the recovery process. In order to increase the chances of healing, all members of the household should undergo some training and adjust their behavior. Spouses and children need to find a way to overcome all the negative feelings that plague them from the past and turn to a new life.

Alkoholizam u porodici

Family members should not blame the ex-alcoholic. Instead, they must be prepared to re-support, in this way strengthening the family community. Blaming an ex-alcoholic is never a solution and can only cause side effects.

Education is a key element of family therapy for the treatment of alcoholism. All household members bear some of the responsibility and therefore have to learn what their role is in healing. Only with a healthy environment complete recovery is possible.

Therapy also demonstrates how to respond appropriately in the event of relapse. Blaming and reminding the past are natural human reactions, but should be avoided at all costs. Constant controls are necessary to keep the situation under control and to ensure stable results.

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