Addiction can be beaten! Confessions of patients who have overcome the disease for good

addiction can be beaten

Addiction (drug addiction, or abuse of drugs and other psychoactive substances) should by no means be taken lightly. It is one of the most insidious diseases of today, which comes in many forms and takes away an increasing number of lives every day. Although addiction, as such, has been known since ancient times, statistics show that this disease is a real epidemic of the twenty-first century. That is to say, there is a growing number of people who, for various reasons, take up drug use or vices. As devastating as this may sound, it is not all that dark, as addiction can be beaten!

There are numerous types of this disease, depending on the form and type of psychoactive substance the addict takes or abuses. So, for example, there is heroin addiction, alcohol addiction (alcoholism) cocaine addiction, gambling addiction and the like. Sometimes one person can develop multiple types of addiction at the same time. However, for all the forms of this disease, one thing is for sure – treating addiction is definitely possible!

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That is why we present to you the testimonies of some of the patients who successfully overcame the disease and were cured in the best drug treatment clinic Dr Vorobjev.

Addiction can be beaten – “I have nothing to do with alcohol anymore!”

That even the most severe forms of addiction are curable is proved and demonstrated by a patient from Bosnia and Herzegovina who has struggled with alcohol addiction for twenty years. As he admits, he had an extreme and chronic problem with alcoholism. According to him, he tried to get rid of this addiction by abstinence, but this outcome did not last long, as he returned to heavy intoxication very quickly.

“I did not ask anyone for help as I was ashamed of my condition. In addition to deep depression, anxiety and panic attacks, alcohol caused severe liver damage, morning vomiting, leg cramps … Fortunately, I learned through my sister about Dr Vorobjev clinic. The reason I chose this clinic is because it is one of the best disease treatment clinics in the whole world,” says this patient in his confession.

He added that the treatment at this clinic went perfectly. Everything was done right on time and without any delays, problems or misunderstandings. “This clinic is an indispensable point for all serious addicts who use any psychoactive substance, whether alcohol or something else, on their way to a definitive recovery. After alcohol addiction treatment at this clinic, I have nothing to do with alcohol anymore,” says this patient who recommended to everyone struggling with addiction or other mental problems going to Dr Vorobjev hospital.

“I no longer have any desire to use cocaine”

Dr Vorobjev clinic has proved one thing with its approach, treatment and the care it gives to all patients – addiction can be beaten! After all, the goal of establishing this hospital is to help everyone in need. Another proof of this is the patient who came to Serbia only to go to this clinic and successfully cure addiction to cocaine and other opioids. Namely, after being cured of this disease and completing rehabilitation, he stated that he had been completely clean for three years.

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“I’d like everyone to know that I’d be dead by now but for the wonderful treatment/care of Dr Vorobjev clinic. The cost is immeterial, I would’ve spent more in 4 months on drugs and now I have my life back. Serbia? Yes, it’s a long way but I can’t give examples of anywhere that has such amazing results. Drugs aren’t even a single part of my memory and I’ve ZERO craving to do it again…EVER…Maybe dramatic but you guys saved my life and in such a kind, caring and udnerstanding way…I salute you and thank you SO much” this former patient wrote in an email.

“I have experienced a new life at Dr Vorobjev clinic!”

The experiences of patients who have consumed alcohol, marijuana and cocaine for a longer time suggest that it is absolutely possible to turn to the healthy side of life. This is precisely the main task, obligation and goal of Dr Vorobjev clinic. According to another patient, who had been using cocaine for three years, the very beginning of consuming this drug was harmless. However, very quickly occassional use of cocaine grew into an addiction that ruined his (social) life.

“Over time, I lost everything – family, friends and buddies. After that, I went to Dr Vorobjev clinic. I experienced a new life here,” said this patient.

Another patient pointed out that he had been involved in sports for a long time, but started consuming marijuana. He then turned to alcohol and cocaine, which threatened to destroy his life. “I found out about Dr Vorobjev hospital online; the success rate of treatment at this clinic is almost 100%,” he said.

As we can conclude – in whatever form it appears and destroys the individual’s life and his family, addiction can be beaten! Dr Vorobjev clinic, using innovative and award-winning treatment methods, has been treating patients from all over the world for decades. After complete treatment at our hospital, the patient is fully prepared to return to a normal and healthy life course. Moreover, we also provide post-treatment support to all patients to maintain the results achieved.

You can see all the testimonies and confessions of patients who have recovered from and beaten addiction disorders once and for all HERE.

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Everyone struggling with addiction or other mental problems should know that there is always an exit and solution! With the help of Dr Vorobjev clinic, very quickly addiction becomes just your past.

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